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Unit 3 At the Zoo
? Part B Let’s learn

富官庄镇何家庄子小学 高树娟

Look at the elephant. Wow! It’s big so____.

Look at the mouse. small It’s_____.

a long tail

a short tail.

What’s missing?

? ? ? ?

big small long short

B Look !The ruler is __. A The eraser is___.(A. short B.long)

Look ! The bag is__. The book A B is__. (A. big B.small)

B Look ! The pen is__. A The pencil is__ .(A.long B.short)

Look at the …. It has a….

a long neck

Look at the …. It has a ….

two big black eyes Look at the ….It has ….

? It’s a bird. It is big. ? It’s tall. ? It’s black and white or brown and grey. ? It has a small head. ? It has a long neck. ? It has long legs ? It has a short tail.

Draw your favourite animal and talk about it like this :Look at my ____. It has a ___ ___. It has ___ __s.

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