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姓名 年级 日期 时段


1.如果括号内所给的词是动词且所给给的句子又是陈述句,则根据主语和时态来判断。 a. 如果该句是一般现在时且主语又是第一、二人称或复数人称时,则给什么就填什么。 b. 如果该句是一般现在时但主语是第三人称单数,则所给的词就应当变为第三人称单数。 c. 如果所给的句子的时态为一般过去时,则应把所给的词变为过去式。

d. 如果所给的句子为现在进行时则根据主语确定be动词所给的动词变为现在分词,应填为be+ving.

2.如果括号内所给的词是(not+V)且所给给的句子又是陈述句,则根据主语和时态来判断。 a.如果该句是一般现在时且主语又是第一、二人称或复数人称时,则应填don't+V. b.如果该句是一般现在时且主语又是第三人称单数时,则应填doesn't+V.


d.如果所给的句子为现在进行时则根据主语确定be动词所给的动词变为现在分词,应填为be not+ving.

3.如果括号内所给的词是动词且所给给的句子又是疑问句,则根据主语和时态来判断。 a.如果该句是一般现在时且主语又是第一、二人称或复数人称时,则括号前面的空格给什么就填什么,句子最前面的空格填do






1. How_______ (be) you? I________(be) fine. Thank you.

2. ______ (be) you free now? Sorry, I ______ (be) very busy. Today_______(be) a busy day.

3. Look, the boys___________(play) football in the playgroud. And the girls_______ (run).

4. Listen, the children _______ (sing) in the music room.

5. Wang Bing is_______ (write) an e-mail to his English friend in the study.

6. I_______ _______ (play) the piano, my brother_______ _______ (watch) TV

in the bedroom now.

7. He can _______ (swim), but I _______ (not), I can _______ (ski).

8. Let’s _______ (go) and _______ (play) basketball .

9. Shall we _______ (clean) the classroom now?

10. It’s time to _______ (have) lunch. Let’s _______ (go).

11.I ______(like) _______(skate), but my parents _______(not), they______(like) (swim).

12. Miss Green_______ (like) _______ (dance) very much.

13. _______ (do) Uncle Wang _______ (run) fast?

14. He and his father can _______ (jump) high.

15. YangLing is _______ (write) _______ (care) now.

16. Look, Mike is _____ (sit) ______ (quiet).

17. _______ (do) WangBing usually_______ (surf) the Internet? Yes, he_______ (do).

18. Ben _______ (like) _______ (catch) insects on Sundays.

19. How many _______ (lesson) do you ______(have) in the morning?

20. My parents ________ (get ) up at 6:30, my sister _________ (get ) up at 6:40.

And I _________ (get ) up at about 6:00 everyday.

21. Is she_______ (do) her homework at home? Yes, she _______ (be).

22. Mike’s sister ________ (cook) nice food. I _______ (like) eating it very much.

23. Do you _______ (have)any _______ (hobby)? Yes, I _______ (do).

24. _______ (do) your father_______ (watch) TV in the evening? No, he_______ (not).

25. This is Helen _______ (speak).

26. Tom usually_______ (play) football after school.

27. Are these your ______ (stamp) ? No, they’re _______ (YangLing)

28. He _______ (live) in a small town near Nanjing.

29. Pingping_______ _______ (write) an e-mail to his friend now.

30. What_______ (do) Nancy usually_______ (do)?

She usually_______ (grow) flowers in the evening.

31. Yumi is a _______ ( Japan )girl .

32. Can you ______(come) and ______(help) ________(I)with _____(I) Maths?

33.Children’s Day is _____(come), ourparents would like _____(buy)thingsfor ______(we).

34. He is_______ (write) an e-mail to his father.


35. I like_______ (cook) and_______ (grow) flowers.

36. We _______ (study) English, Chinese, Maths, Science and Art at school.

37. I ____(be) late. Don’t ___ (be ) late again.

38. Look, the bus ____________ (come).

39. My father can ____ (ride) a horse.

40. Look! ________your father __________ ( make) model ships over there?

41. The students would like __________ (play )football after class.

42. What can you _____ (do )? I can _____ (run). But I ________(skate ) now.

43.What lessons _____(do) he ____(have) in the morning? He ____( have )four.

44. I ______ (go ) to school by bus, and he ______(go) to school by bike.

45. _______ she often _______ (write) to you ? Yes, she _______(do).

46. Who ________ (sing) beautifully in your class? Jim.

47. The _______ (butterfly ) are dancing in the flowers . I like __________ very much .

48. Oh,There ____ (be) many pears in the box. ______ (be) they your pears?

No, they _____.

49 Who______(be) on duty today ?

50.Where______(be) my gloves? They_______(be) there just now. I can’t find_______ (it).




学校 班级 姓名 分数


1.she _______(宾格) 2.country _______ (复数) 3.close________ (现在分词)

4. three _________ (序数词) 5.China ________ (形容词) 6.I ______ (名词性物主代词)

7.boy (复数)8.swim _______ (现在分词)9. photo _______(复数)10. mouse ________复数)


( ) 1. Look! Lucy is ______ a new red dress. She is beautiful today.

A. with B. put on C. in D. wear

( ) 2. -- __________?-- My bike is broken.

A. What is it B. What is wrong with you C. Where is it D. Whose is this

( ) 3. There are so many people in the shop. You must ________ your things.

A. look at B. look after C. put away D. put on

( ) 4. I have two good pen friends. One is an American, ______ is in England.

A. the other B. another one C. another D. other

( ) 5. -- _______ are his football clothes?-- Under the bed.

A. Where B. Who C. Whose D. What

( ) 6. I can see ______ in Lucy's room.

A. other thing B. any other thing C. some thing D. some other things

( ) 7. These are ______. You can buy a pair for your mother.

A. woman sock B. women sock C. women socks D. woman socks

( ) 8. -- Thank you very much!-- ________.

A. You're right B. All right C. You are welcome D. OK.

( ) 9. -- She must be in red.—— No, _____. She wears a green coat.

A. she is B. she must not C. I don't think so. D. I am not


( ) 10. The coat _____ the wall isn't Kate's. It's ______.

A. on; his B. to; mine C. in; he D. under; him

( )11.There are _____ students in our class.That is 19 boys and 21 girls。

A.forty B.fourty C.fourteen D. forth

( )12.Juice and water are healthy drinks,_____ Coke isn't healthy drink.

A.and B.but C.Or D.so

( ) 13.Can I have _____ water? A.these B.some C.one D.those

( )14.Lingling is in __________.

A.Class Four,Grade One B.Grade One,Class Four

C.Class four,grade one D. class Four , Grade One

( )15.What's your _____ fruit? A.very like B.favourite C.much like D.too like ( )16.She can't ________ in the lake. A.swimming B.swiming C.swim D.swam ( )17. There __________ a cat and two dogs in my home. A.be B.is C.are D.am ( )18. He _____ hamburgers.

A.like eat B.likes eating C.like to eats D.liking eating

( )19. The office building _____ the classrooms. A.Behind B.behinds C.is behind D. are behind ( )20.__________ there any apples in the kitchen?

A.Have B.Be C.Are D.Has


1. The boys like to listen to music when they do ______ (they) homework.

2. My mother's work is _____ (make) our city safe.

3. One day, Mr Green asked Mrs Green ______ (go) shopping for him.

4. We would brush our (tooth) twice a day.

5. This book is the lightest and ______ (thin) of all the books.

6. She is ______ (good) than Alice at swimming.

7. Janet ______ (get) up at 7:30 a.m. every day, so she is always late for school.

8. I think the ______ (four) lesson is the most difficult in this book.

9. Look at the sign. The library is _____ (close) from 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m.

10. Jason is used to ______ (watch) TV the whole night.



1. We are making a model plane. (变成一般疑问句)

2. The boys are sitting under the tree. (对划线部分提问)

3. Look out of the window. (改为否定句)

4. We can see some birds over there. (对画线部分提问)


5. The children have some apples. (改为单数句子)



1.I’m ten years old and my sister is two years older than me,so she is t_____ years old。

2.Chinese people are very good at table t_____,and it's our favorite sport.

3.Lingling is now reading books in the school l__________.

4.I have a pen friend,and we always send e_____to each other by computer.

5.Ice-cream and candies are not healthy food.They ale u_____ food.

6.What’s the w_____ like in spring? It's warm.

7.When you see foreign friends in our school,you can say to them “W_____ to my school”.

8.My uncle is a worker.He works in a f_____.

9.Your father and your mother are your p_____.

10.Don't take this book because it is mine.Y_____ is on the table.



( ) 1. What's your telephone number, please? A. He is a worker.

( ) 2. It's very cold today, isn't it? B. It doesn't matter.

( ) 3. Can you mend it? C. Yes, wonderful, thanks.

( ) 4. How is your mother? D. Sometimes.

( ) 5. Hi, this is my friend, Lily. E. My telephone number is 6262383.

( ) 6. I'm sorry to trouble you. F. Yes, it is. You need to wear warm clothes.

( ) 7. How often do you go to the park? G. Certainly.

( ) 8. Excuse me. Where is the post office? H. Nice to meet you.

( ) 9. What does your father do? I. She is OK.

( ) 10. Did you have a good trip? J. It's about twenty meters from here.


七、阅读理解, 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。(10分)

It's Sunday morning. The students of Class 3 are giving their classroom a good cleaning.

Miss Huang, their teacher, is working with them. The children are busy. Some are carrying water; some are cleaning the windows; others are sweeping the floor. Zhang Hua is putting up a map on the wall. It is a map of China. Wang Fei and Wei Qing are mending some broken chairs. The children are listening to the radio while they are working. The classroom looks nice and bright after the cleaning. The children are very happy. They go home for lunch at noon.

( ) 1. The children are playing in their classroom on Sunday morning.

( ) 2. Miss Huang, their mother, is working with them.

( ) 3. There is a map of China on the wall.( ) 4.Two of them are repairing the broken chairs.

( ) 5. They are singing while they are working.

八 、智力测验(10分)

( ) 1.Paris is the capital of __________.A.the USA B.the UK C.France D.Australia

( ) 2.About ________ percent of the earth's surface is covered with water.

A.29 B.82 C.71 D.100

( )3.A car travels at a rate of 50 miles per hour.How long will it take to travel 300 miles?

A.250hours B.6hours C.1/6hours D.15000hours

( ) 4.Beijing Olympic Games are the __________ modem Olympic Games.

A. B. C. D.

( ) 5.The number of seconds in one day _____ The number of minutes in one week

A.> B.< C.= D.We don't know

八、书面表达。(10分) 以一种文具为题按要求写一篇英语小作文。

要求:1.要写出此文具的主要特点。 2.条理清楚,意思连贯,标点正确,书写规范。





1. her 2. countries 3. closing 4. third 5. Chinese 6. mine 7. boys 8. swimming 9. photos 10. mice 二、1——5C B B A A 6——10 D C C C A 11—15:ABBAB 16—20:CBBCC

三、1. their 2. making 3. to go 4. teeth 5. thinnest 6. better 7. gets 8. fourth 9. closed 10. watching 四、

1. Are you making a model plane? 2. Where are the boys sitting? 3. Don't look out of the window.

4. What can you see over there? 5. The child has an apple.


51.Twelve 52.Tennis 53.library 54.e-mails 55.Unhealthy 56.Weather 57.Welcome 58.Factory 59.parents






八、 21—25:CCBCA


My Pencil-box

I have a pencil-box. It is nice and big. It has many colours. There are two blocks on my pencil-box. One is yellow, the other is orange. In my pencil-box, there are pens, pencils, a ruler and an eraser. I like my pencil-box very much and my pencil-box looks like my best friend.


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