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6A U3 知识点

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6A Unit3 重点词句

A. 词组

1. 体育运动日Sport Day 2. 3. 一场激动人心的赛跑 running race

4. 观看赛跑watch the running race 5. 拍照take photos

6. 让某人做某事let sb. do sth. 7. 让他拍些照片Let him take some photos.

8. 寻找她的照相机 (注重过程)

9. 找不到他们 can’t (注重结果)

10. 帮助她help her (help+宾格) 11. pick them up

12. 三本日记本 three diaries 13. 他们的手机 their mobile phone

14. 许多光盘随身听CD Walkman

15. 一副眼镜 a pair of glasses 两副眼镜 two pairof glasses

16. 一卷胶卷 a roll of film 两卷胶卷two rollof film

你的胶卷 your film或your films

17. 地上的白盒子in the white box on the ground

18. 那边的苹果树under the apple tree over there

19. 想要听些音乐 to some music

20. 试着记住 try to remember 21.在地上 on the ground

22.片刻之前 a moment ago 23.刚才 just now 24.让我看看 Let me see.

B. 句子


一般过去时表示过去某时间发生的动作或存在的状态,常和表示过去的时间状语连用,如yesterday, just now, a moment ago, this morning, two days ago, last week等。 Be动词的一般现在时包括“am, is, are”,过去时包括“was, were”

如: I am a teacher now, but I was a student five years ago.

1.所有学生很兴奋。All the students are very excited.

2.跑步比赛令人激动。The running race is very exciting.


Where’s your mobile phone? It’s near the CD Walkman.

现在它不在那儿,刚才在那儿的。It isn’t there now, it was there just now.


Where are your earphones? They are under the diary.


They aren’t there now, they were there a moment ago.

5. 昨天你在哪?我在家。Where were you yesterday? I at home.

6.你的鞋不在卧室里。Your shoes in the bedroom .

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