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太平小学六年级英语期中考试检测题 听力部分


( )1. A. garden B. great C. green ( )2. A. nine B. nice C. night ( )3. A. your B. year C. yes ( )4. A. son B. run C. fun ( )5. A. shirt B. skirt C. short ( )6. A. book B. big C. bike ( )7. A. ball B. tall C. all ( )8. A. play B. pig C. pretty ( )9. A. cold B. cool C. cake ( )10.A. wear B. weather C. welcome w W w . X k b 1.c O m


( )1.A. We have a new computer room.

B. We have a new music room.

( )2.A. Where is it? B. Where are they? ( )3.A. That's right. B. That's all right. ( )4.A. It’ in summer. B. It’s in winter. ( )5.A. Is it in June? B. Is it in July? 1

众鑫教育培训学校 Zhongxin Education And Training School



( ) 1.__________ are you going?

A. Where B. What C.


( ) 2. We are _______ to the zoo..

A. go B. going C. went

( ) 3.Look! There is ________red goldfish.

A .two B. three C. a

( ) 4.Where _______ it?

A .is B. are C. be

( ) 5.Where _________ they 新| 课 |标 |第 |一| 网


1、 当你想要知道对方去哪时说:___________

A. Where are you going? B. What are you doing?

2、 当你想告知对方你正要去动物园时说:___________

A. I am going to the park. B. I am going to the zoo.

3、询问对方地点时用 ___________提问。X|k |B| 1 . c| O |m

A. What? B. Where?


A. How old are you? B. How are you?



众鑫教育培训学校 Zhongxin Education And Training School

A. There is a red goldfish B. There is a fish



Today is Sunday. It’s my birthday. I get up at 6:30. I put on my new yellow shirt and blue jeans. I like my red shoes. I eat some bread and drink milk at 7:00 for breakfast. At 7:25, I go to school. At 9:00, I go to the library. It's on the second floor. I read a story-book there. I go home at 11:30.

( )1、I get up at ( )3、The library is on the floor.

A、six twenty B、six thirty

A 、first B、second w W w .x K b 1.c o M

( )2、What colour is my new shirt?

A、yellow B、blue ( )

5、I like the X k B 1 . c o m

( )4、I have for breakfast.

A、bread and milk B、water and rice A、black B、red


众鑫教育培训学校 Zhongxin Education And Training School

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