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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第二单元达标检测(无答案) (新版)冀教版

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Name: Score(分数):

一、 根据图片,在图片右侧写出单词或短语(12分)。


1. read book box pen

2. bed chair teeth desk

3. my your he his

4. play phone jump fly

5. song story homework write


1. He can (画)a picture for his mother.

(电话)with my friends.

3. Jenny likes to (帮) her dad.

(早饭) together.

5. On 周一), I 玩) with my friends.


1. What do you do in the morning? Jenny washes clothes..

2. What does Jenny do at home? Yes, I help my mum.

3. Is this your bear? I play with my brother on Monday.

4. What do they do on Sunday? No, it is Kim’s bear.

5. Do you help your mum at home? They play on the computer on Sunday.

6.What do you do on Monday? Yes. I have breakfast with my mum.

7.Do you have breakfast with your mum? I put on my clothes in the morning.


1. What’s your favourite colour? My favourite colour is .

2. Do you like to fly a kite?

3. What do you do on Sunday?

4. What day is today? It’s .

5. What do you do at home?

6. Can you sing a song?


1. These is my cap.

2. I wirte a story in the evening.

3. Do you like you sweater?

4. She wearing a dress.

5. I read book .

6. I bursh my hair.

7.Are this Kim’s gloves?

8. I like to play on the compute.

9. At the morning, Jack and John have breakfast.


1.在星期三,我帮我爸洗大衣。 his .

2.在周一,我哥和我一起放风筝。On kites with my brother.

3.让我们帮助这只小鸟吧。Let’s this little .

4.Jenny 玩她的玩具。Jenny plays her .

5.那本书在箱子里。The book is the .

6.你在你的卧室里做什么?your ?


I have a sister and a brother. My brother is taller than my sister. I am taller than my brother. We play together. My sister is wearing a red coat and purple trousers. She likes to listen to music in the morning. My brother is wearing a yellow sweater and yellow shoes. His favourite colour is yellow. We go to school on Monday. We go home in the afternoon. My brother likes to play catch with me. My sister likes to play on the computer or watch TV in the evening. On Sunday, we go to the zoo to watch animals. I like monkeys. Sunday is fun.


I am taller than my sister.

My sister likes to listen to music in the evening.

My brother’s favourite colour is yellow.

We go to the zoo to watch animals on Sunday.

My brother likes to play catch with me.


My brother is than my sister.

My sister is wearing a red and purple .

We on Monday.

My likes to TV in the

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