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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第七单元提优测试题(无答案) 苏教牛津版

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(时间:60分钟 满分:100分)



( )1.A.pie B.hot dog c.cake

( )2.A.dog B.cat c.lion

( )3.A.she B.he c.shoes

( )4.A.there B.hair c.here

( )5.A.fruit B. orange c.banana

( )6.A.how old B.how many c.how much

( )7.A.on the sofa B.in the kitchen c.in the bedroom

( )8.A.have a look B.have a try c.have a clock

( )9.A.Can I help you? B.Anything else? c.well done

( )10.A.How are you? B.Me too. C.What would you like?


( )1.A.Thank you. B.Some noodles,please. c.No,l don't.

( )2.A.A sandwich. B.A cup of coffee. c.A glass of milk.

( )3.A.They're ten yuan.B.It's twenty yuan. c.Twenty cakes.

( )4.A.No,I can't. B.Well done. c.Yes,he can.

( )5.A.Yes,please. B.Thank you. c.At the snack bar.


( )1. Some bananas,please.

( )2.1 want a clock.

( )3. How about you?

( )4. We have three bedrooms in our home.

( )5. Come and look.


1.-____I help____?

-I'd like a____.

2. Look at this____.It's____yuan

3.He can____and I can____.

4.-How____ ____ do you have?

-I have____.


五、判断下列单词画线部分读音是( √)否(×)相同。(6分)

( (

( ( ( ( 六、选出不同类的一项。(5分)

( )1.A.short B.fat c.skirt

( )2.A.cat B. hot c. Dog

( )3.A.socks B.shoes c.four

( )4.A.long B.twenty c.four

( )5.A.how much B.how old c.how many


1.多少钱————一 2.四十元—————一

3.给我妹妹————一 4.真好看!————一

5.我能帮你吗?—————一 6.in summer————一

7.these shoes————一 8.only twenty yuan—————一

9.the clothes shop——— 10.well done! —————一

八 、单项选择。(10分)

( are my shoes? under the sofa.

A. Where;It's B.Where;They're c. Where's;They're

( )2.-What's that? umbrella.

A.apple pie. B./ c.an

( -An apple pie.

A.What B.How c.Who

( )4.- is it? -Ten yuan.

A.How many B.How much c.What

( ? .

A. dogs;dogs B.dog;dogs c. dog;dog

( the cap? -It's on the bed.

A.What's B.Who's c.Where's

( you like pandas?

A. Do;Yes,l do. B. Do;Yes,l don't. c. Do;No,l do.

( ?

A.is it. B.are they c.are there

( _Thank you.

A.is;for B.are;for c.are;to

( .x k B 1.c Om

A.are B.is c.am


( )1.当你妈妈饿了时,你可以说:

A.Here's a cake for you. B.Here's cup of tea for you.

C.This fan is for you.

( )2.当你进入商店想买一个玩具熊猫时,你可以说:

A.The panda is nice. B.I’d like a toy panda.

C.That's lovely panda.

( )3.当你想知道雨伞的价格时,你会问:

A.How old are you? B.How many umbrellas?

C.How much is it? x k b 1.c o m

( )4.当你进入小吃店,营业员会这样问你:

A.What do you have? B.Can I help you?

C.Anything else?

( )5.苏洋找不到她的裙子了,你想告诉她裙子在厨房里,

A.Here's your skirt. B.Your skirt is in the kitchen.

C.This skirt is for you.


( )1. Who's that woman? A.It's seven o'clock.

( )2. Is that your monkey? B.Yes,I do.

( )3. Do you like tigers? C.Eight yuan.

( )4. What time is it? D.She's Miss Li.

( )5. How much is it? E.No,it isn’t


1.toy these at animals look(.)

Salad a make let's fruit(.)

snack a here's bar(.) 你会说:

I'd hamburger like a and glass milk of a(.)

5.twenty yuan Miss Li We have(,.)


much sofa What help our twenty glass noodles Where

1.-Can I____you? -I'd like a____of milk.

2.-How____is it? -It's____yuan.

3.-____about you,Dad? -Some____.

4.-____are____skirts? -They're on the____.

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