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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 期中测试题(无答案) 人教PEP

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1、 t_y 2、 b__k 3、 w__dow 4、 fr___d 5、 c__dy

玩具 书 窗户 朋 友 糖 果

6、 com_u__r 7、 r_ler 8、 g__l 9、 penc_l-case 10、k_y

计算机 尺子 女孩 铅 笔 盒 钥匙


( )1、 A、 window B、black board C、 black

( )2、 A、 colour B、 Chinese book C、 math book

( )3、A、 thin B、 strong C、 door

( )4、 A、 hat B、 nose C、 mouth

( )5、 A、 bag B、 pencil C、 we

( )6、 A、 computer B、 big C、 small

( )7、 A、 book B、 teacher C、 ruler

( )8、 A、 desk B、 chair C、 computer game

( )9、A、 teacher B、 student C、 school

( )10、A、 under B、 near C、 where

三、单项选择。( 20分)

( )1、I have __English book.

A 、a B 、an C 、two

( )2、How many __do you have?

A、 pencils B 、pencil C 、pen

( )3、I have a sister.__name is Lili.

A 、His B、 She C、 Her

( )4、__is my book?

A、 What B、 Where C 、How

( )5、__is she?She is Amy.

A、 What B 、where C、 Who

( )6、__colour is it?

A、 What B、 Where C、 Who

( )7、Let__clean the window.

A 、I B、 me C、 we

( )8、What is __name?His name is ZhangPeng.

A、 her B、 his C、 he

( )9.This ___ my friend.

A.are B.is C.am

( )10.I’m____ _American.

A.from B.at C.a

四、从B 栏中找出A栏相对应的答语。(15分)

1 A B

( )1、How many pencils do you have? A、 His name is Mike.

( )2、Where is my picture? B、 Ten story books.

( )3、What colour is this bag? C、 Thank you.

( ) 4、What is his name? D、 I have three pencils.

( )5、What’s in the schoolbag? E、 It is near the door.

( ) 6、Let me help you? F、 Lili is my good friend.

( )7、How many English books can you see? G、 It is orange.

( )8、Who is your good friend? H、 She is my sister.

( )9、What do you like? I、 I can see five.

( )10、Who is she? J、 I like English.

2 A B

( )1.What’s your name? A.No

( )2.Where are you from? B.I’m from America..

( )3.How old are you? C.She is a teacher.

( )4.What’s your mother? D.I’m 10.

( )5.Is he a student? E.Lisa.


A、 have B、 what C、 how

D、 here you are E、 have F、 may

Amy:Hi!ChenJie,I__a new schoolbag.

ChenJie:Really?__colour is it?

Amy:It is black and white.Look!

ChenJie:Wow!It is a panda!__nice!

Amy:I__many books.

ChenJie:A fat panda!

ChenJie:__I have a look?



1 .a is door it yellow


2. the where is chair

3 see Let us and go

4. big is so It

5.schoolbag my has friend a yellow

七 。小小翻译官6分

1. Turn on the light---------------------------------

2. Sweep the floor---------------------------------------------------

3. Open the door----------------------------------------------------


I have a friend.Her name is WangChen.She is ten.She is a girl from ShangHai.She is cute.she has big eyes,a small nose,a small mouth and long black hair. She likes English very much..She likes Chinese ,math,too.WangChen and I are in Class Three.we are good friends.

( )1、WangChen is a boy.

( )2、She is twelve.

( )3、She is from ShangHai.

( )4、She has a big mouth.

( )5、She likes English very much.

( )6、WangChen and I are in Class Three.

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