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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第六单元提优测试题(无答案) 苏教牛津版

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(时间:60分钟 满分:100分)



( )1.A.What about you? B.How are you? c.How old are you?

( )2.A.bananas B.pineapples c.apples

( )3.A.cap B.cat c.hat

( )4.A.cat B.that c.white

( )5.A.aunt B.uncle c.cousin

( )6.A.noodles B.sweets c.rice

( )7.A.a cup of tea B.a cup of coffee c.a glass of juice

( )8.A.some hamburgers B. some rice c.some sandwiches

( )9.A.Anything else? B.Can I help you? c.What about a hot dog?

( )10.A.sixteen B.fifteen c.fourteen


( )1.A.Thank you. B.Some rice,please. C.No,I don't.

( )2.A.They're red apples. B.Some juice,please.

C. I'd like some oranges.

( )3.A.I have two cakes. B.Yes,l can. C. I don't have two cakes.

( )4.A.Yes,I do. B.No,I can't. C.Yes,it is.

( )5.A.Yes,please. B.No,thanks. C.Two.



A: I'm____.

B:Here's a snack____.

A: What____you____?

B: I'd like a____of____,please.What____you?

A: ____ ____,please.

B: Here you ____.

A: Thank you.



( ( ( ( ( ( 六、英汉互译。(5分)

1.-杯咖啡 2.两杯牛奶

3.我的橘子汁 4.你的面条

5.一些鱼 6.


A Where ,What ,How many ,What's ,How ,who

1.is she?

-She's my sister.

2. -Fine,thank you.

3. -It's an apple.

4. -I'd like a hot dog.


6. -It's in my bedroom.

B come ,some ,for,play ,close , have


your books.



6. Can you basketball? -Yes,l can.


( )1. Look my cap.

A. at B. / C. on

( )2. like a cup of coffee,please.

A. I’d B. I C. my

( )3. I like A. dogs;panda B. dog;panda C. dogs;pandas

( .

A. I have B. I do C. I don't

( A. much B. many C. about


A. Yes,it is. B. Yes,she is. C. No,it is.

( you like? -Sweets,please.

A.can B. Do C.would

x k b 1.c o m

( )8. -Here you are. A. Thank you. B. Sure! C. Yes,I do.

( )9. I'd like a cup of coffee. you?

A. How are B. What about C. What are

( A. some B. any C. A


( )1. Don't open the books. A. They are in the kitchen.

( )2. What would you like? B. He's my uncle.

( )3. Where are my grapes? C. OK.

( )4. Do you have any bananas? D. Thank you.

( )5. Who's he? E. I'd like some rice.

( )6. Look at my skirt. F. Twelve.

( )7. Can you play football? G. No,it isn't.

( )8. How many toy cars do you have? H. Yes,I do.

( )9. Is it your desk? I. Yes,I can.

( )10. Here you are. J. How nice!


1. you what like would (?)

2. is snack here a bar (.)

3. do how have you many books(?)

4.a glass of I'd orange like juice(.)

5.a egg what big(!)




-I'd like________,please.


-____I____ you?

-A____of coffee.I____coffee very much.


Gao Shan: What would you like,Yang Ling?

Yang Ling: Two hot dogs and a cup of tea,please.

Gao Shan: What about you,Li Hong?

Li Hong: Two sandwiches,please.

Gao Shan: Something to drink(喝些什么)?

Li Hong:A glass of apple juice,please.

Woman: What would you like?

Gao Shan: We'd like two hot dogs,two sandwiches,a hamburgar,a cup of glass of apple juice,please.

Woman: Anything else?

Gao Shan: No,thank you.

( )1. The students are at____.

A.a snack bar B.home C.library

( )2. Li Hong would like____. tea,and a

A. two hot dogs and a glass of apple juice

B. three sandwiches and a glass of apple juice

C. two.sandwiches and a glass of apple juice

( )3. Yang Ling would like____.

A. two hot dogs and a cup of tea

B.a hot dog and a glass of apple juice

C.a glass of milk and two sandwiches

( )4. Gao shan would like____.

A. two hot dogs and a cup of coffee

B.two sandwiches

C.a hamburger

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