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unit 3weather

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Sunny Days, Rainy Days

Sunny days, rainy days

You will be able to:

1. talk about weather. 2. use "be going to" to describe future events. 3. use adjectives to describe weather.

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Warming up Listening and Speaking Reading and Writing Grammar Language in Use

Skill Practice
Pronunciation Exercise

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Around the World
For Better Performance My Progress Check

Warming up

Warming up
Listen, circle and match.

鼠 标 点 击 图 片 进 入 , 单 击 空 白 处 继 续

cloud / cloudy

fog / foggy

rain / rainy

snow / snowy

sun / sunny

wind / windy

Warming up

n. 风

Warming up

adj. 多云的

Warming up

adj. 下雨的,多雨的

Warming up

adj. 下雪的,多雪的

Warming up

adj. 阳光充足的

Warming up

n. 雾

Warming up
Answer the questions.

1. What’s the weather like in winter in your hometown? 2. What do you usually do on rainy days? 3. What’s the weather like today?

Warming up
Key Sentences
1. What’s the weather like? 2. It’s a fine day.

3. It’s sunny.
4. It’s going to rain.

Warming up
Read the words and expressions and listen to the dialogue.

air fresh

n. 空气 adj. 新鲜的

all the time
weather report correct You bet

始终 天气预报
adj. 正确的


Warming up
Read the words and expressions and listen to the dialogue.

Boy: It’s a fine day, isn’t it? Girl: Yes, it’s so nice after the rain. Boy: The air is so fresh.

Girl: I hope it is sunny all the time.
Boy: But the weather report says it is going to rain tomorrow again. Girl: The weather report is not always correct.

Boy: you bet.

Warming up
Listen again and answer the questions.

1. What’s the weather like today? It’s fine today.

2. How is the air? The air is fresh.

Warming up
Listen again and answer the questions.

3. What does the girl hope? She hopes that it is sunny all the time.

4. What does the weather report say? The weather report says it is going to rain tomorrow.

5. What do they think of the weather report? They both think that the weather report is not always correct.

Listening and Speaking
Learn these words and expressions.


adj. 可爱的,令人愉快的 adv. 已经 在地上 去外面 n. 雪人




carrot n. 胡萝卜 funny hat glove
adj. 可笑的,有趣的
n. 帽子 n. 手套

on the ground go outside snowman

Listening and Speaking
Listen to the dialogue and repeat.

Jane: Wow, it’s a lovely day! Bill: Yes, there is already a lot of snow on the ground. Jane: Let’s go outside and build a snowman.

Bill: Good idea. I’m going to use coal for his eyes
and a carrot for his nose. Jane: That’ll be funny. OK, I’m going to give him my

hat and gloves.
Bill: Great! Let’s go!

Listening and Speaking
Decide true ( T ) or false ( F ). 1. There is a lot of snow.

[T] [T ] [ F]

2. They are going to play with the snow.

3. The snowman will wear Bill’s hat and gloves


4. They are going to have a good time.


Listening and Speaking
Circle the correct words.
1. It is going to / going rain.

going to are play cloudy windy

2. Jane and Bill is / are going to build a snowman.

3. We are going to play / playing football tomorrow morning. 4. It is a cloudy / cloud day.

5. It is wind / windy in spring.

Listening and Speaking
Learn the words.

n. 雨

n. 沙暴

n. 季节

adj. 短的, 矮的

adj. 有风的,刮风的

Listening and Speaking
Then listen and complete the passage with the proper form of the words. In Beijing, it is cold in winter but it doesn’t snow very often. In summer, it is hot and it often rains 1) __________. Spring is very 2) _________ short and windy there is little rain but it’s quite 3) ___________ sandstorms and sometimes there are 4) ________________. Autumn is the best 5) ____________ in Beijing. season

It’s very comfortable.

Listening and Speaking
Answer the questions. 1. Does it often snow in winter? No, it doesn’t often snow in winter. 2. What’s the weather like in summer? In summer, it is hot and it often rains. 3. Are there any sandstorms in autumn?

No, there are not any sandstorms in autumn.

4. Is it windy in spring? Yes, it is windy in spring.

Listening and Speaking
Pair work. Follow the example to make dialogues.
Example: A: What’s the weather like today?

B: It’s sunny now, but it’s going to rain in the afternoon.

Language Tips:
sunny / fine
cloudy / foggy / windy

snow / rain
sunny / fine

Reading and Writing
Read the words and expressions. Which ones do you know?

north low
adj. 低的

n. 温度

v. 达到


n.&adj. 北方(的)

adj. 干的

adj. 满是沙尘的

adj. 少量的, 微弱的

v. 倒下,落下

v. 忘记

n. 雨衣

n. 雨伞


adj. 小心的,仔细的

n. 雷暴

adj. 高的

Reading and Writing
Read the text with these questions in mind. 1. Do you know the following signs? 2. Do you know how to say temperatures?
Harbin Beijing Zhengzhou Shanghai Changha Sanya

Snow High: -2°C Low: -10°C

Windy High: 10°C Low: 2°C

Light Rain High: 12°C Low: 3°C

Sunny High: 15°C Low: 10°C

Cloudy High: 20°C Low: 10°C


High: 35°C Low: 26°C

Reading and Writing

It is March, but it is still cold in the north. It’s going to snow in Harbin today and the temperature could reach as low as ?10°C. In Beijing, it will be dry today with a light wind so it will be quite dusty. A light rain is going to fall in Zhengzhou this afternoon, so when you go out, don’t forget to take your raincoat or umbrella. The weather in Shanghai will be fine today, sunny but not too hot. And in Changsha it will be cloudy, neither too hot nor too cold. If you go to Sanya today, be careful. There will be a thunderstorm. Also it will be

very hot with a high of 35°C.
Learning Tips: 读英语和读汉语其实很像,有时要逐字地读,但大多数时候我们只需快速浏览来找到 所需的信息即可。你可以在浏览之后进一步细读。

Reading and Writing
Decide true (T) or false (F).

1. Now it is summer.

[ F ]
[ F ]

2. There is no rain or snow today in Harbin.

3. Beijing is dusty today.

[ T ]
[ T ]

4. It is warm in Shanghai today.

Reading and Writing
Read the text again and answer the questions. 1. Is it going to be fine in Harbin today? No, it is going to snow. 2. What is the weather like in Shanghai today? It is fine in Shanghai. It is sunny and it is not too hot. 3. Is it cold in Changsha today?

No, it is neither too hot nor too cold.
4. What’s the high temperature in Sanya today? The high temperature in Sanya is 35 ℃.

Reading and Writing
Complete the weather report according to the text. going temperature may It is 1)___________ to snow in Harbin today. The 2)___________ reach as low as -10°C. Beijing will be windy and 3)_______. dusty weather It is going to rain in Zhengzhou this afternoon. The 4)__________ in Shanghai is fine today. And the weather in Changsha is the best. cloudy nor Though it is 5)__________, it is neither too hot 6)__________ too

cold. There will be a 7)____________ thunderstorm in Sanya. Also it is very hot
high there, and the temperature might be as 8)__________ as 35°C.

Reading and Writing
Match the weather with the city according to the text.



Zhengzhou Shanghai









A. quite dry
B. going to rain C. not too hot or cold D. still cold E. going to snow

F. windy and dusty G. fine H. going to have a thunderstorm

I. sunny, but not hot
J. very hot

Reading and Writing
Fill in the form with the words or expressions in the box.

warm windy hot cool comfortable cold sunny foggy cloudy almost no wind a lot of snow little rain much rain

Your hometown:
Spring warm… Summer hot… Autumn Winter


表示“近期” 或“打算”要 做的事情时, 往往用 be going to 的句型。

It is going to rain tomorrow. We are going to have an English class this afternoon. A light rain is going to fall on Zhengzhou this afternoon. There is going to be a sandstorm in Beijing. Are you going to see the film with us? What is Jane going to do?


rain—rainy wind—windy cloud—cloudy

英语中很多形 容词可以由名 词转化而来, 其中一种方式 就是名词后面 加-y。

snow—snowy fog—foggy dust—dusty

There is heavy rain in the north of China. It is a rainy day today.

Language in Use
Complete the dialogue, using be going to.

A: Are you going to have a party tonight? are going to B: Yes, we 1)________________ have a party at 7:00 this evening. What’s the weather like today? is going to A: It 2)________________ rain. The weather report says so. are not

going to B: If so, we 3)________________ have the party in the house.

Language in Use
Write down what you are going to do tomorrow, using be going to.
Example: I am going to get up at 6:00 tomorrow morning.

1. have classes tomorrow morning I’m going to have classes tomorrow morning.

2. play football tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play football tomorrow afternoon.

3. see a film tomorrow evening
I’m going to see a film tomorrow evening.

Skill Practice
Listen and choose the best answer.

B 1. In Beijing it is quite __________ today.
A. wind B. windy C. cloud

A 2. There is going to be a sandstorm _________.
A. today B. yesterday C. last week

C 3. In Changsha, it is _________ too hot nor too cold today.
A. not B. no C. neither

C might be as high as 35°C. 4. In Sanya, it is very hot and the ______
A. weather B. climate C. temperature

Skill Practice
Put the words in the right order to make sentences, then make a weather report.

1. is going to, Beijing, in, rain

is going to rain in Beijing. It _________________________
2. your, to, forget, bring, raincoat forget to bring your raincoat. Don’t _________________________

3. Shanghai, is, today, in, fine
is fine today in Shanghai. The weather ______________________

Skill Practice
Put the words in the right order to make sentences, then make a weather report.

4. neither, is, nor, too hot, too cold

is neither too hot nor too cold. It _________________________
5. reach, will, 25 °C, as high as The temperature _______________________ will reach as high as 25°C.

Skill Practice
Group work. Look at the table and describe what the Jones family are going to do this Sunday.
Father 6:00 7:00 8:30 12:00 14:00 get up cook breakfast clean the house have lunch play on the beach in the afternoon get up do homework Mother Son


watch a film in the evening

1. Father and mother are going to get up at 6:00 this Sunday.

4. 6.


Pronunciation Exercise
Listen and repeat.

/?/ /? /

about forget

above today









1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2. When that girl is thirty years old, she works as a nurse.

Around the world

1. How is the weather in England? 2. Do you like the weather there?

Around the world

“Other countries have a climate but in England we have weather,” Englishmen often say. This really tells us something about England , which is often true. English people can go through four seasons in one day. The day may begin as a gentle spring morning; an hour or so later black clouds come from nowhere and it may rain heavily. By noon, it can be like winter as the temperature drops by eight or more degrees. And then, in the late afternoon, the sky could clear, the sun shine and for an hour or two before dusk, it will be summer. In England one can go through almost every kind of weather to be found in a year, whether the best or the worst, all in one day!

For Better Performance
Look at the weather report and

make dialogues.
London New York Paris Rome Beijing Moscow

Rainy 10°C

Windy -1°C

Sunny 9°C



Cloudy 10°C

Snowy -1°C

Example: A: What’s the weather like in London today? B: It’s rainy. A: What’s the temperature in London today? B: It’s 10°C.

For Better Performance
Tom is a London boy. He is going to play football tomorrow. His mother gives him some suggestions. Now listen to the dialogue between them.
Mother: Tom, what are you going to do tomorrow? Tom: I’m going to play football with my classmates. Mother: The weather report says that tomorrow is going to rain. You'd better not play outside. Tom: All right. I guess we can play table tennis in the school gym instead then. Mother: Fine but keep warm. It will only be 10°C tomorrow. Tom: OK.

Language Tips:
当我们提出意见时,可以说: You’d better ( not )... I ( don’t) think you should... 等等。 当我们表示同意或接受意见时, 可以说: Yes. Sure. You are right . That’s right / true / for sure. I agree. It works for me. I have no problem with that. 等等。

For Better Performance
Pair work.

Make dialogues like the one in Task 2, using the information in Task 1.

For Better Performance
Your friend is planning a sightseeing trip in late April. Find information on the Internet about the weather in the following cities. Help him choose a city to go. Give your reasons. Chengdu

Harbin Sanya


Your suggestion: _________________________________ Your reasons: __________________________________

For Better Performance
Look at the pictures and describe the seasons.

warm / windy
fly kites happy

hot / rain a lot
go swimming glad

cool / clear
climb mountain tired

cold / snow a lot
go skiing excited

My Progress Check
Words I have learned in this unit are: √ √ √ √ √ √
air coal

√ √ √

already comfortable

careful correct

√ √ √ √ √ √ √

dry fresh high low

funny hot north short

glove light rainy snowman

hat lovely reach snowy

√ √ √ √

√ √ √ √





All together I know ______ words. More words I know in this unit are:__________________________

My Progress Check
Phrases and expressions I have learned in this unit are:

√ √

all the time
neither...nor... you bet

√ √


√ √

go outside

on the ground

weather report

Great! Now I know ______ useful phrases and expressions. More useful phrases and expressions I know in this unit are: ___________________________________________

My Progress Check
I can:

√ talk about weather √ use "be going to" to describe future events.

√ use adjectives to describe weather.

My Progress Check
I even can:

talk about people’s activities in different weather conditions.

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