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M1 Unit 2 He’s cool

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Unit 2

He’s cool.

实验小学 牛文芳

Warming up and revision

Words: nice shy clever naughty a bit

害羞的 聪明的 淘气的 有一点

This is Ms Smart . She’s a nice teacher . This is Maomao . She’s very nice . But she’s a bit shy.

Play a game
Describe yourself and the one beside you one by one, like this:

A: I’m Xiaolan. I’m a bit shy.
B:Xiaolan is a bit shy. I’m Zhang Yong. I’m very naughty. C: Zhang Yong is very naughty. I’m … (Use the words: thin fat tall short shy naughty nice clever etc. )

Introduce my family
Father (tall, clever) Little brother I (naughty)

Mother (nice)



Who are they?

Xia Xue is Liu Xing and Xia Yu’s big sister. Liu Xing is Xia Yu’s big brother. Xia Yu is Xia Xue and Liu Xing’s little brother. Liu Xing is Xia Xue’s little brother.


He is cool.

He is cute. (可爱的) cute

cool (酷的)

cute clever naughty nice cool

mother big brother little sister father friend

This is my big brother. He’s cool.

This is my mother. She’s very nice.

This is my little sister. She’s cute.

This is my father. He’s very clever.

This is my friend. He’s very naughty.

Now point and say
A: Look at …
B: Yes, she’s/he’s (very) …

Talk about your family .
Take turns to talk about your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your aunt, your uncle, your grandparents with



Listen to the poem and do the actions .


This is Lucy’s _______. She’s very _______.

This is her big _______.He’s __________.
This is her little _______.She’s ________. This is her ________.He’s very ________. This is her ________.He’s very ________.

Describe five friends of yours and write down, we will show next class.

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