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Tuesday Wednesday Tursday



()1. A. hamburger B. sandwich C. sausage

()2. A. cola B. dollar C. colour新|课 |标| 第|一|网

()3. A. cent B. copy C. collect

()4. A. noisy B. never C. night

()5. A. duck B. doorbell C. dancing


( )1. I want _________ and a cola.

A. a hot dog B. a hamburger C. some noodles

( )2. –How much is it? –It’s ______ dollars and twenty-five cents.

A. fifteen B. thirteen C. thirty

( )3. We are going to eat .

A. at half past twelve B. at twelve C. at half past eleven

( )4. What do you want to ?

A. drink B. eat C. play

( )5.Tomorrow, it’s going to ________ in Harbin.

A. rain B. snow C. windy


( ) 1. A. I want a hamburger. B. I want a cola. C. It’s nine dollars.

( ) 2. A.A hamburger and a cola. B. At half past twelve.C. It’s going to rain soon.

( ) 3. A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t C. It’s a hot dog

( ) 4. A. I want some chicken. B. I want a cola. C. No, it isn’t.

( ) 5. A.You are in Harbin. B. In 2010 C. They’re my parents.


一、 你能跟据图片的意思连线并写出汉语意思吗?

warm snow rain hot sunny


( )1. A. hamburger B. cola C. hot dog D. noodles

( )2. A. Monday B. yesterday C. Friday D. Sunday

( )3. A. cola B. tea C. milk D. rice

( )4. A. sunny B. windy C. Tuesday D. hot ( )5. A. Harbin B. China C. Beijing D. Shandong

三. 选择正确的单词填空。

1. I want_____(eat\to eat) a hamburger.

2. When are we going to______(play\playing) football?

3. The picnic_____(are\is) wet.

4. Lingling ______(am\is\are) going to play chess at eight o’clock.

5. Look! It’s_____(going to rain\ raining) now. 四、选择题:为每小题选择能填入空格处的一个选项,将对应序号写在题前的括号内。

( )1. We’rehave a picnic in the park.

A. go to B. going to C. going

( )2. – –It’s eighty dollars.

A. How many B. How much C. How old

( )3. It’s raining and we are ________a tree.

A. in B. under C. on

( )4. –

–At half past twelve.

A. When B. What C. Where

( )5. –

– Because I ‘m a dancer.

A. What B. When C. Why


()1. What do you want to drink? A. It’s six dollars.

()2. How much is it? B. No, I want a hot dog. ()3. What are you going to do? C.At six.

()4. When are we going to go? D. We’re going to have a picnic. ()5. Do you want a hamburger?

E. I want a cola, please. 六、连词成句。

1. a, have, we, going to, picnic, are, park, in, the

2. is, how, it, much

3. do, want, what, to, you, eat

4. going, snow, it’s to, Harbin, in

5. are, going to, go to, when, we, park, the,


Simon:When are we going to eat ,mum?

Mum:At half past twelve. Simon:What time is it? Mum:It’s ______.

Simon:What ___ we going to do now?

Mum:We are ____ ____ walk around the lake.

Simon:But it’s going to ____ soon.

Mum: No,it’s a beautiful day.let’s go.

Simon:These ducks are very _____. Daming:And they’re very hungry.

.A. noisy B. rain C. going to D. twelve o’clock E. are


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