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3A Module 4 Unit 1animal 第一课时

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Unit 1 Animals

What are they? They’re pigs. How many pigs? Three.

What are they? They’re hens. How many hens? Four.

What are they? They’re dogs. How many dogs? Five.

What are they? They’re birds. How many birds? Six.

What are they? They’re cats. How many cats? Seven.

What are they? They’re ducks. How many ducks? Eight.

What are they? They’re chicks. How many chicks? Ten.

Unit 1 Animals

Unit 1 Animals

One little, two little, three little rabbits

Four little, five little, six little rabbits
Seven little, eight little, nine little rabbits, Ten little paper rabbits.

One, two, put on my shoes.

Three, four, open the door.

Five, six, count the chicks.

Seven, eight, open the gate.

Nine, ten, chicks with the hen.

Make a new rhyme: One , two, put on my trousers . Three ,four, open the door ducks Five , six, count the _______. gate Seven ,eight, open the _______. Nine , ten, ___________ ducks with the hen. .

Unit 1 Animals

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