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M1U1My birthday1

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________

一、 听录音,选出你听到的单词。

( ) 1. A. birthday B. day C. first

( ) 2. A. fourth B. ninth C. eleventh

( ) 3. A. begin B. second C. third

( ) 4. A. party B. sounds C. invitation

( ) 5. A. fifth B. twelve

二、 写出下列单词的序数词形式。

1 ____________ 2 ______________

4 ____________ 5 ______________

7 ____________ 8 _______________

10 ____________ 11 ________________

C.ten 3 ________________ 6 ________________ 9 ________________ 12 _______________

M1U1 My birthday 2

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. A. It is Monday. B. It is a cat. C. It is big.

( ) 2. A. They are red. B. It’s Nancy’s. C. There are six.

( ) 3. A. Today is the seventh of July. B. It is seven. C. He is seven.

( ) 4. A. It begins at 9:00. B. It is five now. C. Blue.


1. Look, the children _______________ pictures. (paint)

2. Peter _____________ any new toys. (have got)

3. The little ____________ is crying on the bed. (children)

4. Alice _____________ (not want) a cake. She is not hungry.

5. Give me some colour ____________, please. I want to make a birthday invitation. (paper)

6. Tom often ___________ (play) football with his friends after school. So he goes home late.

M1U1 My birthday 3

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. A. Peter likes brown. B. No, Peter likes orange .

C. No, Peter likes brown.

( ) 2. A. I’m making a birthday invitation. B. I can make birthday invitation.

C. I like to go to a birthday party.

( ) 3. A. She’s got a nice present. B. Yes, she has.

C. They have got many presents.

( ) 4. A. It begins soon. B. It begins in the afternoon.

C. It begins at two o’clock in the afternoon.

( ) 5. A. It’s the tenth of September. B. It’s the first of October.

C. It’s the first of November.


( ) 1. Betty’s birthday is _____________ December.

A. in B. at C. on

( ) 2. Mr Hatter is very tired _____________ he is still working.

A. and B. or C. but

( )3. We have ______________ on Saturday and Sunday.

A. lesson B. no lessons C. no lessons

( )4. There are _______________ days in February.

A. thirty B. twenty eight C. thirty-one

( )5. ______________ Peter’s birthday on the 19th of September?.

A. Is B. Are C. Has

( )6. The weather is windy, cold and dry. What month is it? It’s ______________.

A. January B. June C. September

( )7. Is Tommy’s hat new _______________ old?

A. and B. but C. or

( )8. -------_______________ is Linda’s birthday?

--------It’s on the second of March.

A. What B. When C. Where

M1U1 My birthday 4

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


二、按要求改写句子。 对划线部分提问)


2. My father’st对划线部分提问)


3. Leave rubbish here, Ann. (改成否定句)


4. 对划线部分提问)


5. 对划线部分提问)


M1U1 My birthday 5

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. Betty’s birthday is on the twelfth of February.

( ) 2. Betty gets up at eight o’clock today.

( ) 3. Betty has an old uniform.

( ) 4. Betty wants a new skirt for her birthday.

( ) 5. The red uniform is nice but it’s too dear.

( ) 6. Betty likes the blue uniform. It’s nice and not very dear.


I love my grandma. Love is a present. She likes to ____________ for us on our birthdays. On Grandma’s birthday, I can give her _______________. It is good for her hands.

Mom tells me something more about love. Sometimes love is a sweet kiss and sometimes _______________. To some, a warm hug in the wind is love and to others, _______________ on the face is love.

When dad is thirsty and tired, I can give him ___________. It is love. When mom is busy, I can give her _______________. I can help her set the table or sweep the floor. It is love.

Uncle Tony lives in Beijing. On New Year’s Day, I can give him ________________. “Hello! Uncle!” He is happy. He says it is love, too.


1. When is your birthday? 2. Today is the fourth of February.

3. What time does the party begin? 4. That sounds good.

5. There are ten girls in the classroom. (A A A B C)


1. What day is it? 2. How many apples are there?

3. What is six and one? 4. What time is it now?(A C B B) M1U1(3)

1. Does Peter like brown? 2. What are you doing now?

3. What has Betty got for her birthday? 4. What time does the “orange” birthday party begin? 5. Today is my birthday. It’s Teacher’s Day, too. What’s the date today? (B A A C A)


1. Hi, I’m May. My birthday is on March 8th. I have got an orange hat.

2. Hello, I’m Eddie. My birthday isn’t in March. It’s on April 1st. I have got a

basket of oranges.

3. My name’s Danny. My birthday is on November 12th. I have got a pair of

orange trousers.

4. My name’s Lily. May 4th is my birthday. I’ve got a big lovely doll from my

parents as my birthday present.

( On March 8th An orange hat On April 1st A basket of oranges On November 12th A pair of orange trousers May 4th

A big lovely doll)

M1U1 (5)

Today is Betty’s birthday. It’s on the twenty-second of February. She gets up at half past eight. She has a uniform but it’s too old. She wants a new uniform for her birthday. Now she is in the shop. She is looking at a red uniform. This uniform is nice but it’s too dear. She likes the blue one. It’s nice and cheap. Now she is wearing her new uniform. She is very happy. (F F T F T T)

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