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Unit 2 Where is the science museum

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Unit 2 Where is the science museum?
Part A Let’s read

a pair of shoes store next to get to straight get off

after buy

get on minutes

What are you going to do after school? I want to buy a pair of shoes. Where is the shoe store? It is next to the hospital.

How can I get there?
Walk straight for three minutes. Go by the No.301 bus.

Get off at the cinema.


1.Where does Mike want to go after school? Go to the shoe store .
2. How does Mike go to the hospital? Go by bus. 3.Which bus does Mike take? The No.301 bus.


1. Where does Mike get off ?

At the cinema. 2. Is the hospital on the left or right?
On the left .


A: Good morning . B: Morning. What are you g_____ oing to do ? A: I’m going to b_____ uy a pair of shoes. Do you know the way to the shoe store? y bus, B: Yes. You can go there b___ ar from here. It’s f_____ A: Which bus can I take? B: The No.21 bus can take you there. It’s n_____ ext to the cinema. A: Thank you very much. B: You ‘re welcome.





1.Where does Amy go ?
Post office. 2.Is the post office east or west of the cinema?

It’s east of the cinema.

Remember: of 1.It’s east _______cinema. at 2.Turn left ______the cinema, then go straight. on 3.It’s ______the left.

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