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听力部分 一. 听一遍录音,选择听到的单词

( )1. beautiful 2.anything 3.nothing

( )1.look after 2.look at 3.look like

( )1.pianet 2.plane 3.plate

( )1.winer 2.spring 3.summer

( )1.London 2.England 3.New York

( )1.cute 2.card 3.cup

二. 听一遍录音,根据听到的问题选择答语

( )1.A.I like English food very much.

B. I like Chinese food very much.

C. I like Australian food very much.

( )2. A. Beijing is the capital of China.

B.London is the capital of England.

C. Washington D.C is the capital of America.

( )3. A. It looks like a moon.

B. It looks like a banana.

C. It looks like a white plate ( )4. A. He is seven years old. B. He is going to Qingdao. C. He is going to climb the hill

( )5. A. Because it’s big and beautiful.

B. Because I got up late.

C. Because I love animals.

三. 听二遍录音,根据听到的内容将短文补充完整

Look at the_____ .There are so many_______ in the sky.The _____ is round.

_________and bright. We are very_______ . Let's_________ mooncakes.

第二部分 笔试

一. 用下列介词空

1. This is a map_________ the world.

2. My cousin lives________ Australia.

3. Kangaroos jump _______ their back legs.

4. You can see many animals ______ the Zoos.

5. We’ll send you a postcard_______ Beijing.

6. This boy is swimming ________ the sea. 7. Beijing is the capital__________ China. 8. This planet is far ______ the sun.

9. Shanghai is __________ the south of Beijing. 10.The birds live __________ the tree. 二. 选词填空,把序号填在题前的括号内。

( )1.My mum played the pipa _____ the concert.

A. in B. on C. to

( )2. This man came ____far away. A. of B. for C. from ( )3. My grandam looks ____ the cat A. at B. for C. after ( )4.Look, The policeman is going ____ a shop A. into B.in C. for ( )5. These are Chinese _____.

A. instrument B. instruments C. instruments’ ( )6.Look, There are so many ____ in the field.

A. sheep B. sheeps C. sheepes

( )7. Now, let’s count. One, Two,there….. Oh, six ____

A.wolfs B. wolvs C. wolves

( )8. This cat ate two _____. A. mousse B. mice B. mices ( )9. Let’s make ____ English newspaper. A. an B. a C the

( )10. Look ____ our newspaper, it’s fantastic! A. at B. for C. on ( )11. My mother is looking ____ the baby cat. A. at B. for C. after ( )12. What are you going to do ______ Mother’s Day?

A. at B. for C. on

( )13.That is _____ great idea! A. a B. an C. on

( )14.We’ll have____ English party this Sunday. A. an B. a C. the ( )15. Now Sam is playing _____ drums. A. at B. for C.the ( )16. Is it your ______ birthday? A. mother B. mother’s C. mothers ( )17.It’s a surprise party _____ my friend. A. to B. for C. of ( )18. What will he _____ tomorrow? A. do B. does C. did ( )19. My brother is good ____ Maths. A. at B. for C. on ( )20. He _ up very early every morning, but yesterday morning he _up late. A. get get B. gets gets C. gets got ( )21. It’s difficult ____ choose. A. at B. to C. on ( )22.I can take it _____ school ____ my bike.

A. to on B. at on C. for in

( )23.Which one is good ____ you ____ use?

A. for to B. for in C. on in

( )24.I will buy it ____ you. A. at B. for C. on

( )25.Everyone ran ____ the field. A. at B. for C. to ( )26.A wolf came ____ the field. A. at B.to C. on ( )27.Tilly broke the door and ran _____ A. away B. for C. on ( )28.Dad played _____ erhu. A. at B. the C. /

( )29. I went ____ a concert yesterday. A. at B. for C. to ( )30.It looks ____ a guitar. A. like B. for C. after ( )31.Do you want ____ listen ____ Chinese music? A. at B. for C. to ( )32. I play ____ football. A. at B. / C. the

( )33. Daming is painting a picture ___ his mother. A. at B. for C. on ( )34.He’s writing a message ____ his mother. A. at B. for C. on ( )35.Are you painting a picture ___ this special day?

A. at B. for C. on

( )36.There are lots of instrumens ____ you ___ play.

A. for to B. for in C. on for

( )37.I am good ___ Art. A. at B. for C. on

( )38.She is going to ____ A. swim B.swam C. swimming ( )39. She will ____ A. swim B.swam C. swimming ( )40. She is ______. A. swim B.swam C. swimming


1.narrow______ (反义词) 6.child ______(名词复数) 2. go_____(过去式) 7.big ____(反义词) 3.leaf_____(名词复数) 8.have______(第三人称单数) 4.do _____(第三人称单数) 9.people____(名词复数) 5.hot_____(反义词) 10.tall___(反义词) 四.阅读短文,回答问题

I’m Lingling. I like traveling. On the summer holiday,I went to Australia with my parents. We lived in Sydney. It is a beauliful city. We saw a lot of flowers. We also saw some koalas and kangaroos .Koalas were very cute. Kangaroos jump on their back legs. Mother kangaroos have special bags for the babies. I like Australia. And we will go to London next year. 1. When did Lingling go to Australia? _____________________________ 2. Where did they live? ___________________________________________ 3. How do the kangaroos jump? _____________________________________ 4. Does she like Australia? _______________________________________ 5. Where will they go next year? _________________________________

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