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BETS1模考 口语试卷

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学在北文,赢在未来 三一口语培训第一品牌



PAPER 3 Speaking

TIME Approximately 10 to 13 minutes


The Speaking Test has three parts and lasts 10 to 13 minutes, involving two examiners and a pair of candidates. One examiner is an interlocutor while the other, who takes no part in the interaction, is an assessor. The speaking component contributes 25% of the marks for the whole test.

?北文学校 2010 11/05 [Turn over


学在北文,赢在未来 三一口语培训第一品牌

Speaking ? Part 1

This takes 4 to 5 minutes. In this part, each candidate interacts with the interlocutor, using the language normally associated with meeting people for the first time, giving factual information of a personal kind, for example, name, place of origin, occupation, family, etc. candidates are also expected to be able to talk about their daily life, interests, likes, etc. Sample questions:

What’s your name?

Where do you live?

What did you do yesterday evening?

Tell me something about your hobbies.


Clothes Places and buildings

Daily life School and study

Entertainment and media Services

Food and drink Shopping

Health, medicine and exercise Social interaction

Hobbies and leisure Sport

House and home The natural world

Language Transport

People Travel and holidays

Personal experiences feelings, opinions and Weather

Personal identification Work and jobs


学在北文,赢在未来 三一口语培训第一品牌

Speaking ? Part 2

This takes 3 to 4 minutes. In this part, the two candidates interact with each other.

This involves asking and answering questions about factual information of a nonpersonal kind. Prompt cards are used to stimulate questions and answers which will be related to daily life, leisure activities and social life (including references to places, times, services, where to go, how to get there, what to eat, etc.).

The interlocutor reads out these instructions and gives a question card to Candidate B and an answer card to Candidate A.

Candidate A, there is some information about ***.

Candidate B, you don’t know anything about ***,

So ask A some questions about it. Now B, ask A your questions about *** and A, you answer them.

The examiner will stop the interaction after 4 or 5 questions have been asked and answered.

A different set of prompt cards is then given out, so that Candidate A has the opportunity to ask questions and Candidate B to answer them.

Candidate B, there is some information about ***.

Candidate A, you don’t know anything about ***,

So ask B some questions about it. Now A, ask B your questions about *** and B, you answer them.


学在北文,赢在未来 三一口语培训第一品牌


学在北文,赢在未来 三一口语培训第一品牌

Speaking ? Part 3

This takes 3 to 4 minutes. In this part, each candidate is given a different picture to describe. The picture contains items of vocabulary connected to a central picture showing everyday activities associated with a theme, e.g. a street scene in a city centre. The candidate is asked to name the individual vocabulary items, e.g. shopping bags, a map and to then describe the activities in the central picture, e.g. a woman is looking at a map. The topics for each picture are linked to activities associated with the some key work sectors.


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