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一、 写出下列单词的反义词

1.hot-- 2.big-- 3.tall-- 4.thin--- 5.young-- 6.black-- 7.east-- 8.south— 二、选词填空 in 、to

1. Canada is_______ the north of America. 2. Tianjin is_______ the east of China. 3. This planet is near______ the sun. 4. New York is________ the east of America. 5. Harbin is __________ the north of China. 6. Japan is __________ the east of China. 三、选词填空

1.This planet is far______ the sun. A. for B. of C. from 2. The sun is big and_______. A. cold B. hot C. warm

3. Some nights the moon looks _____ and round. 4. Tianjin is ________ the east of Beijing. A. to B. in C. for

5. Washington D.C. is the capital _______ America. A. for B. of C. in

6. Shanghai is __________ the east of China. A. to B. of C. in

7. Some nights, there is no moon________ all. A. at B. in C. of

8.The boy looks________ his father. A. with B. for C. like 四、连线

( )1.Beijing is the capital A. of Mexico ( )2. Washington D.C. B. of China ( )3.Mexico City is the capital. C. of the UK ( )4. London is the capital. D. of France ( )5.Paris is the capital. E. of America 五、阅读短文后回答问题

1.It is round and hot. It is shining in a fine day. It is far away from the earth. People, plants and animals can not live without it. What is it? It is _________ 2.It is round and cold. We can see it at night. Some nights it looks like a banana. Some nights it looks like a white plate. What is it? It is_________. 3. It is round. It moves around the sun. People and animal live on it. It is ________.

4. A very big thing in space that moves around the sun or stars. What is it? It is _________ .

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