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Grammar Present Continuous Tense

He is playing basketball.

She is swimming.

She is dancing.

They are singing.

They are chatting with each other.

The women are running.

They are cleaning the floor.

现在进行时(The Present Continuous Tense)
The students are listening to the teacher. He is watching TV now.


2. 现在进行时态还可以表示当前一段时间内的活动或现

We are working on a farm these days . I am writing a book this month.

? 现在进行时的构成 ? be (am/is/are)+动词ing形式

? read--reading , drink--drinking, ? eat--eating, meet--meeting, ? think—thinking

?二、以不发音的e结尾,去掉e,再 加ing.
? write—writing, make--making

? 三、以ie结尾的动词,变ie为y,再加 ing.
? lie—lying; die—dying

? 四、重读闭音节,(从后往前数:辅元 辅)双写最后一个字母再加ing.
? Sit--sitting

? put--putting

swim--swimming run--running

? ? ? ? ? ? ? play win dance run lie open make
playing winning dancing running lying opening making

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

die see come walk study eat begin

dying seeing coming walking studying

eating beginning


He is singing.


The man isn’t running. He is walking fast.

一般疑问句式结构: Be+主语+动词-ing形 式+其他?

Is the man playing the guitar? Yes,he is.

They are dancing.
What are they doing?

特殊疑问句式 结构: 疑问词+be+主 语+其他


1.We mend a clock. We are mending a clock. 2.I look at the blackboard. I am looking at the blackboard. 3.We drink tea. We are drinking tea. 4.He and I do our homework. He and I are doing our homework. 5.You make a kite for me. You are making a kite for me .

She is running.

He is playing computer games.

She is flying a kite.

She is singing.

They are drawing.

They are swimming.

They are talking.

They are playing basketball.

They are talking.

They are playing basketball.

They are skating.

? 1. A girl _______ on the grass now. (lie) ? 2. Look! The students of Class 1 are running on the playground. (run) _________ am studying in the room. (study) ? 3. I ________ is having some hot ? 4. The naughty boy ________ drinks and sweet snacks.( have ) ? 5. You _____ live (live) in North London, don’t
you? is the girl ________ standing (stand) on the ? 6. Why ____ table?

用一般现在时或现在进行时完成下列 句子: is lying

is raining (rain) at the moment. ? 7. It _________ sees ? 8. She _________ (see) her doctor twice a week. drinking(drink) milk ? 9. The childre

n are __________ now. is getting (get) better ? 10. The weather __________ and better now. are you ________ walking (walk) so fast ? 11. Why _____ walk today? You usually ________ (walk) quite slowly. are you ________ talking (talk) about? ? 12. What _____ I can’t understand you.

把下列句子改成否定形式: ? 1. My parents are watching TV. My parents are not watching TV. ? 2. Kitty is dancing at home. Kitty is not dancing at home.

? 3. I am visiting my best friend Lily. I am not visiting my best friend Lily. ? 4. Millie is exercising in the Get Fit Club.
Millie is not exercising in the Get Fit Club.

翻译句子并将下列句子改成否定句和一般疑问句: ? 1. 汤姆正在帮助一位老人。 Tom is helping an old person. Tom is not helping an old person. Is Tom helping an old person? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t. ? 2. 许多警察正在追他。 Many policemen are running after him. Many policemen are not running after him. Are many policemen running after him? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

句型转换: 1.They are cleaning the house.(一般疑问句)

Are they cleaning the house?
2.Sam is at work.(改为同义句)

Sam is working.
3.Tom is singing.(改为否定句)

Tom is not singing. 4.Kate is______________________ (划线提问) putting on her new skirt. What is Kate doing?

near the window. (划线提问) 5.She is sitting ________________
Where is she sitting?

Fill in the blanks:

It’s a fine Sunday morning. There’re many people in the park. They are playing. are playing (play) with yo-yos. Look: Two boys _____________ is flying (fly) a kite. Two Children_____________ are mending A girl_________ is (be) a lake in the park. (mend) a toy boat. There____ is running (run). Near the lake ,a young man___________ are (be) two men near the house. They There ______ are working (work) hard now. A woman ______________ is watering (water) the flowers . A girl____________ is drawing _____________ (draw). are running (run) Look at the big tree. Two cats ____________ up the tree. What do they want to do? They want to catch (catch) the bird. All of them are very happy _________

用所给词的正确形式填空 swimming ? You can see I am __________________ at the pool. (swim) ? What are you doing ? am reading I ______________ a story. (read) is shopping . 3.Sally is in the mall. She ___________ (shop) is cleaning 4. Look! Jim ___________ the classroom. (clean) 5. What’s Tom doing there ? Oh, he is waiting _____________ for the bus. (wait)

Is your aunt ____________(work) working 6. --_____ here now? isn’t --No, she _____. are swimming 7. Look! Sam and Bill ________________ (swim) in the river now. doing 8. What are they ____________ ? are playing They ______________ (play) soccer. doing 9. _____you _________ your homework? Are No, I _____________ (write) a letter. am writing are dancing 10. Look! The girls ______________ (dance) in the park.

is he ________ singing 11

. Listen! What _____ (sing) in the next room ? 12. It’s ten o’clock now. The students _____________ (have) a Chinese class. are having doing (do) my 13. Don’t talk. I’m _________ homework. look 14. —Can you ________ (look) after my baby now? am eating (eat) my --Sorry, I can’t. I ___________ lunch. is waiting 15. Li Lei, your mother ______________ (wait) for you at the school gate.


D 1. What are you doing? I_____ A. eat B. can eat C. eating D. am eating D 2. We want _________this book now. A. reading B. am reading C. read D. to read C 3. Our teacher is ________a red sweater . A. putting on B. put on C. wearing D. wear D 4. That boy isn’t ____the teacher . A. listen B. listens C. listening D. listening to

5.It’s eight o’clock. Jim’s family __TV. B A. is watching B. are watching C. watch D. to watch B cake __my birthday. 6.My mother is __a A. making ,to B. making ,for C. doing ,to D. doing ,for B 7.Let me __these books in the box. A. puts B. put C. to put D. putting C 8.__you __the window?—Yes, I am. A. Do, clean B. Is, cleaning C. Are, cleaning D. Do, cleaning

C new bike today. 9. Look.Lucy is_____a ? A. jumping B. running ? C. riding D. taking 10. Is the woman ______ A yellow your teacher? ? A. in B. putting on ? C. wearing D. having 11. They won't buy any new clothes because they B money to buy a big house. _____ A. save B. are saving ? C. is saving D. were saving C you _____on with your work recently? 12. How_____ A. do; get B. have; got ? C. are ;getting D. do; getting

She is read ing



is play ing football now.


is do ing his homework now.


is eat ing


一般在动词 原形后+ing 以不发音的e 结尾的,去e, +ing 重读闭音节 以一个辅音 字母结尾的, 双写这一字 母+ing do ask write take dance get run swim put doing asking writing taking dancing getting running swimming putting

Do you know how to get “ ---ing” ? Let’s try !

do ing ______

watch ing ______

ing clean ing ______ read______

eat_______ ing

play________ ing

danc_____ writ________ ing e e ing

run ning ______

swim ming _______

What is David doing?
Is he running ? No, he isn’t. Is he playing football? Yes, he is.

What is Mr.Fat doing ? Is he singing? No, he isn’t. e He is dancing with a dog.

What are they doing ? Are they playing volley -ball? No,they aren’t. They’re playing football.

现 在 进 行 时 句 式 操 练

What is he doing? He is drinking water (now).

Is he drinking water (now)?
Yes, he is.

现 在 进 行 时 句 式 操 练

What is she doing?

She is cleaning the house.
Is she doing her homework? No,she isn’t.

现 在 进 行 时 句 式 操 练

What are they doing? They are running.
Are they writ e ing?

No,they aren’t.

What are they doing?

is looking Simon _________at some football cards.

Kitty and sandy ___________ice are eating cream

What are they doing?

is paying Millie ________

_for her new shoes.

Daniel __________ is playing
computer games.

What are they doing?

am carrying I ____________
lots of shopping bags.

are having We ___________ Some cold drinks.

Who is the guessing champion?

Let’s play a game:

Are they + v-ing…? Is it/he/she + v-ing…?

Is the pig walking/running/… ?
Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

Is he … ?
Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.

Is she … ?
Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

What are they doing now?

Are they dancing?
Yes, they are. NO, they aren’t.

What is the cat doing?

Is it eating something?
Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

What’s she doing? Is she eating rice?
Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

What are they doing? Are they watching TV?

What is the bear doing?

Some exercises.


1.She sits under the tree.
She is sitting under the tree.

2.I eat a hamburger and some fruit.
I am eating a hamburger and some

3.They clean the classroom

They are cleaning the classroom.

is flying 1.Look! Andy________(fly) a model plane.

is singing 2.Listen! Amy__________(sing) in the next room. are playing 3.Many students___________

__(play) football in the football field now.
is working 4.Father isn’t at home. He ________(work).

5.It’s seven o’clock now.
is watching His father ____________(watch) TV.

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