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PEP 四年级Unit 1-Unit 3期中测试

Class(班级)_______________ Name(姓名)_______________

Listening (40分)

一、Listen and circle. 圈出你听到的图片的序号。 6%

A. B.A. B. 1. 2.

3. A.




5. A.

6. B.

B.4. 二、Listen and tick or cross. 听音,

判断图片是否正确,在圆圈里打√或×。 8%

三、Listen and match. 根据听到的录音内容连线。 6%

1. 2. 3.

orange yellow green blue black red

四、Listen and circle. 听音,圈出你听到的选项。 10%




Listen and choose. 听音,选择你所听到的句子的序号,填在括号里。


Writing (60分)

六、Look and write. 看图片,选择正确的单词,抄到四线格上。 10%

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

七、Look, choose and write. 看图,选择相应的单词完成句子。 8%

八、Read and choose the different words.选择每组不同类的单词,将其序号填在括号里。 10% dog / bag short / shoes hat / note glasses / window Coke / nose

九、Read and choose. 读一读,选择画线单词的反义词,把序号填在横线上。 4%

A. black

B. small

C. strong

D. short

E. old

(但是)he is _______. 十、Read and choose. 选择正确的答句,把序号填在括号里。 8%

( ) 1. Who is your friend?

A. She is Amy. B. She has ten books. ( )2. My friend is Tom. He’s ____________. A. small eyes B. tall ( )3. ---Is she Lucy? --- _________.

A. Yes, you’re right. B. Yes, he is.

( )4. --- What’s ________ name? --- _________name is Bob. A. his, He B. his, His ( )5. --- _________ she? --- She is Ann. A. Who’s B. Where’s

( )6. I have a friend. He has ____________ and an __________ . A. strong, yellow bag B. short hair, orange bag ( )7. What’s his name?

A. Her name is John. B. His name is John.

( )8. Lily is my new friend. She ________ long hair. A. is B. has

十一、Choose the best answer. 根据情景,选择正确的答案。 10%

( )1.

( )2.

( )3.

( )4.

( )5.

你想告诉别人这是你的新课桌,你说:________________ A. Look! We have a new desk! B. Look! This is my new desk.. 你要向妈妈介绍自己的新同学John,应该说:_________________ A. I am John. B. This is John, my new friend. 早上你看到教室很脏,便建议你的同学一起打扫教室,应该说:_______________ A. Let me clean the classroom. B. Let’s clean the classroom. 你要自己擦黑板,你可以说:___________________ A. Let me clean the window. B. Let me clean the blackboard. 别人帮助了你,你应该说:_____________________ A. Excuse me. B. Thank you.

十二、Read and tick or cross. 读短文,判断句子是否正确。 10%

Hello, I’m Zhang Peng. I am a Chinese boy. I have a friend. His name is John. He’s

from Canada. He has short brown hair and small eyes. He likes sports. He has a very nice schoolbag. It’s black and white. You can see many books in it. And you can also see a big pencil box. In the pencil box, there are three pencils, a pen and a ruler. He likes his bag

( )1. Zhang Peng is a Chinese boy.

( )2. Zhang Peng has short brown hair and small eyes.

( )3. John has a black and white schoolbag.

( )4. You can see three pencils and an eraser in his pencil box.

( )5. John has a small pencil box and many books.

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