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( )1. A. nine B. by C. bike

( )2. A. accountant B. actress C. actor

( )3. A. light B. right C. write X Kb1 .C om

( )4. A. went skiing B. were skating C. went swimming

( )5. A. 3rdfloor B. 1st floor C. 5th floor


( )1. A. She is a singer. B. He is a cleaner. C. I am a writer.

( )2. A. He likes riding a bike. B. She likes riding a bike.

C. I like riding a bike.

( )3. A. Happy birthday. B. It’s in 1996. C. It’s in May.

( )4. A. She works in a school. B. She works in a hospital.

C. She works in a police station.

( )5. A. Yes,I am. B. Yes,I do. C. Yes,I can.


( )1. The sun shines,the rain falls down into a lake.

( )2. The water can become vapour.

( )3. The cloud comes from the vapour.

( )4. “I” come from the clouds.

( )5. It’s very hot today.


一、 判断每组单词画线部分的发音是否相同,相同的打“√”,不同的打“×。(5分) 1. 2. 3. ( ) ( ) ( )


( ) ( )


( )1. Lucy _______ to school by bus every day.

A. go B. goes C. is going to go

( )2. Do you like______?

A. swim B. swimming C. swimming

( )3. Look a ________ picture.

A. five B. fifth C. the fifth

( )4. Mike is going to buy a notebook________.

A. now B. this evening C. every day

( )5. The bed ______ the right is hers.

A. on B. in C. at


1. --__________ are you going to be?

-- I’m going to be artist.

2. --________is that tall girl?

-- She’s Jim’s little sister.

3. --________ does his pen pal live?

-- He lives in Shanghai.

4. --________ do you go to the park?

-- We call go there by bike.

5. --

______is Jim’s birthday?

-- It’s February the twelfth.


A. B. C. D. E.

( )1. My father goes to work by bike every day.

( )2. I’m going to make a card for Sarah.

( )3. She helps sick people.

( )4. Let’s go to the Great Wall this weekend.

( )5. My aunt is an engineer, She works in a cat company.


1. then what do you should (?)


2. riding he bike a too likes (.)


3. does where work she (?)


4. hospital next it’s to the (.)


5. can I how to Zhongshan Park get (?)



1. 我的爱好足收集邮票。

My hobby is _____ ________.

2. 我的植物有两片绿叶子。

My plant has two _____ _______.

3. 医院在书店的西面。

The hospital is______ _______ the bookstore.

4. “今天晚卜我将要做作业,打扫房间。” “还有其他的么?”

--I’m going do my homework and clean my room this evening。

--______ _____?

5. “书店在哪?”“一直向前走。”

--Where is the bookstore?

--Go ______ _____.


Dear Mummy,

How are you? I am fine at school Tomorrow is National Day. We don’t have to go to school. I am going to take a trip with my friends in the morning. I am going to

Zhongshan Park. I am going there by bike. It’s near our school in the afternoon. I

going to the bookstore and buy some new books. In the evening,I am going to watch TV. What are you going to do tomorrow? Can you tell me?

Your son, Tom


( )1. What’s the date tomorrow?

A. Oct. 1st. B. Nov. 1st.

( )2. Where is Tom going On National Day morning?

A. The bookstore B. Zhongshan Park

( )3. How does Tom going to the park?

A. Ride a bike B. On foot

( )4. Is the park far from Tom’s school?

A. Yes,it is B. No.It isn’t

( )5. What is Tom going to do in the bookstore?

A. Buy some new books. B. Take a trip.







一、1. I go to Xinjiang by plane. ( B )

2. Amy’s father is an actor. ( C )

3. The drivers drive on the right in china. ( B )

4. I went skiing on my holiday. ( A )

5. John lives on the 3rd floor , Room 301. ( A )

二、1. What does Mr Li do? ( B )

2. What’s his hobby? ( A )

3. When is your birthday? ( C )

4. She is a nurse. Where does she work? ( B )

5. Do you like drawing pictures? ( B )

三、I’m rain. Where do I come from? Do you know? Let me tell you, when the sun shines, it’s very hot., the water in lakes or rivers becomes vapour. The vapour goes up and becomes clouds. So there are many little water drops in the clouds. When the little water drops become very heavy, I’m falling down.

( 1F 2T 3T 4T 5F )


一、1. × 2. × 3. √ 4. √ 5. ×

二、1B 2D 3B 4E 5A

三、1. what 2. Who 3. Where 4. How 5. When

四、1C 2D 3B 4E 5A

五、1. What should you do then?

2. He likes riding a bike, too.

3. Where does she work?

4. It’s next to the hospital.

5. How can I get to Zhongshan park?

六、1. collecting stamps 2. green leaves 3 . west of 4. Anything

else 5. straight ahead

七、 1A 2B 3A 4B 5A


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