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Grade 10 teaching plan

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AP Physics-10th Grade

Course Outline

Course Name:

Hours (week):

o Instructor: Pre-AP Physics 4 Xiaojiao Guo

Teaching Objectives

o Improve student’s understanding of the Basic knowledge of the

discipline of physics,including phenomenology, theories and techniques,concepts and general principles.

o Improve student’s ability to ask physical questions and to obtain

solutions to physical questions by use of qualitative and quantitative reasoning and by experiment investigation.

o Permits students to explore concepts in laboratory ,better prepare

them for the more analytical approaches taken in Ap courses. Teaching Methods Teaching strategies will comprise a mix of group discussions, and individual exercises, and group activities that will focus on the language and

methodology used in AP physics . Assessment Strategies Final grades for students will be determined on the following:

Attendance (10%) Homework (10%) In-class participation (10%) Mid-Term Examinations (35%) Final Examinations (45%)

Reference Young & Freedman University Physics

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