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姓名:________ 班级: ________ 等级: ______


Listen and choose. 听录音,将你听到的单词的序号写在题前的括号内。(





A. party

B. play C. pear ( ) 2. A. shell B. bell C. bread ( ) 3. A. snake B. cake C. shake ( ) 4. A. gum B. plum C. dance ( ) 5. A. ring B. bring C. sing


Listen and tick. 听录音,在你听到的图片下打“√”。(10分) 1. 2.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

3. 4.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 5.

( ) ( )

三、Listen,look and choose. 听录音,将你听到的句子的序号写


A: I can’t wait till Tuesday. B: A: It’ A: Come to my party on Tuesday. 四、Listen and choose. 听录音,选择正确的答案。(10分)

1、( ) A. Yes, I have. B. Yes, I can.

2、( ) A. He is going to learn English. B. She is going to watch TV. 3、( ) A. Cola and orange juice. B. Great idea. 4、( ) A. It’s red . B. It’s a dog. 5、( ) A. Five soft toys. B.Two shells.

五、Read and match.(读句子,将对应答句序号填在前面的括号内)(10分)

( )1. What is it? A. Yes, I have. ( )2. Can you show me your mascot? B. Yes, look. Here it is.

( )3. Have you got a mascot? C. Goodbye. ( )4. Hi, what’s your name? D. A friendship band. ( )5. Thank you, Simon. Bye. E. I’m Simon.

六、Which word doesn’t fit?选出不属于同一类的那个单词,将其选项写在前面的括号里。(10分)

( ) 1. A. chocolates

B. chewing gum C. mascot

( ) 2. A. pink B. colour C. blue ( ) 3. A. necklace B. soft toys C. crazy ( ) 4. A . face B. nose C. got ( ) 5. A. break B. egg C. buy ( )6. A. leg B. cow C. dog ( )7. A. pretty B. sad C. happy ( )8. A.lamp B. chair C. under ( )9. A. thirteen B.number C. sixty ( )10. A. skirt B. school C. socks

七、Make sentences and write them down . (给单词排列顺序,将句子写在横线上。)(4分)

1. five / I / got / silver bells / have

. 2. is / a / friendship band / There / under / table /the

. 3. doing / What / you / on / are / Sunday


4. going / is / play football / He / to

八、Look at the picture and choose the words.(看图片选择对应的单词。)(10分)

九、 Number the sentences. (给下列句子排序。)(10分)

( ) Yes, toy animals.

( ) Three. A hippo, a rabbit and a crocodile. ( ) Tony, have you got any mascots? ( ) That’s nice. Thank you, Tony. ( ) How many have you got?

十、Read and choose.(选择一个正确的选项写在括号里。)(10分)

( )1. She _____ got a new schoolbag.

A. has

B. is

( )2. I ______ going to bake a cake.

A. is B. am

( )3. ______ are they doing on Tuesday?

A. Wnen B. What


( )1. When is Tony going to have a party? A. Friday. B. Sunday. C. Saturday. ( )2. Who is going to the party?

A. Emma and Rita. B. Emma, Mike and Rita. C. Rita and Frank. ( )4. Toby, can you _____ some orange juice?

A. have B. bring

( )5. We _____ going to buy bananas.

A. are

B. is

( )6. _____ you got a mascot? Yes, I have.

A. Can B. Have

( )7. _____silver bells have you got? Six.

A. How many B. What

( )8. What _____ we need? Noodles and cola.

A. are B.do ( )9. There _____ five dogs on the bed. A. are B. is ( )10. There _____ a ring under the desk .

A. are

B. is

十一、 Reading comprehension.(阅读理解。阅读短文,选择正确的选项。)(6分)

Today is Friday. Tony is going to have a party the day after tomorrow. He invites many friends, Emma, Mike, Frank and Rita. But Frank can’t come. Wonderful! They are going to buy some food and drink. Tony likes fruit. He is going to buy some bananas. Emma likes cakes, but she can’t bring cakes. Because Rita’ll bring some cakes and orange juice. So she is going to buy some bread and chocolates instead(代替). Mike wants to bring some noodles. But Tony, Emma and Rita don’t like noodles. So Mike is going to buy ice cream

( )3. What is Emma going to buy?

A. Cakes. B. Bread and chocolates. ( )4. Who can bring cakes?

A. Tony. B. Mike. ( )5. Who can bring orange juice?

A. Rita. B. Tony. ( )6. What is Mike going to buy?

A. Noodles. B. Ice cream.

C. Bananas. C. Rita. C. Mike. C. Chocolates.



Part 1 Listening听力部分

一、Listen and choose. 听录音,将你听到的单词的序号写在题前的括号内。(10分)

听力稿:1. pear 2. shell 3. shake 4. plum 5. sing 答案:1.C 2.A 3.C 4.B 5.C

二、Listen and number. 听录音,在你听到的图片下打“√”。(10分)

听力稿:1. I have got a friendship band. 2. Break an egg.

3. I’m going to buy chewing gum. 4. She is going to draw a picture. 5. Get a big piece of cake.

三、Listen,look and choose. 听录音,将你听到的句子的序号写在题中的横线上。(10分)

A: I can’t wait till Tuesday.

B: What are you doing on Tuesday?

A: It’s my birthday. I’m going to have a big party. B: Oh, Tueaday is so cool!

A: Come to my party on Tuesday. B: OK. I’ll bring a cake to you. A: Thank you. 答案:B E D A C

四、Listen and choose. 听录音,选择正确的答案。(10分) 1. Have you got a mascot?

2. What is she doing on Saturday? 3. What about cola?

4. What colour is your pen?

5. How many soft toys have you got? 答案: A B B A A

五、Read and match.(读句子,将对应答句序号填在前面的括号内)(10分)


六、Which word doesn’t fit?选出不属于同一类的那个单词,将其选项写在前面的括号里。(10分)


七、Make sentences and write them down . (给单词排列顺序,将句子写在横线上。)(4分)

1. I have got five silver bells.

2. There is a friendship band under the table. 3. What are you doing on Sunday? 4. He is going to play football.

八、Look at the picture and choose the words.(看图片选择对应的单词。)(10分)

plum bell ring egg pear cake necklace

shell party chocolates

九、 Number the sentences. (给下列句子排序。)(10分)

2 4 1 5 3

十、Read and choose.(选择一个正确的选项写在括号里。)(10分)


十一、 Reading comprehension.(阅读理解。阅读短文,选择正确的选项。)(6分)


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