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Tuesday, September tenth.

Rooms in Jenny’s house.

Living room



Tuesday, September tenth.

Lesson 4 In the Bathroom







Yes or no? This is the bathtud. This is the bathtub.
This is the shower. Yes.

This is the toylet.
This is the toilet.

To be clean all the time.

The first wealth is

health. (健康是最大财富!)

Read and find.
1. How are Li Ming’s hands? What happened? His hands are dirty. Because he had jam on the hands. 2. Is the sink in the bathroom or kitchen? The sink is in the bathroom. 3. What colour is Li Ming’s toothbrush? Li Ming’s toothbrush is red.

Read again.
1. The green toothbrush is mine. 2. The red toothbrush is yours.

Do it again.
1. This is my bedroom. That is your bedroom. This bedroom is mine. That bedroom is yours. 2. This is my breakfast. That is your breakfast. This breakfast is mine. That breakfast is yours.

wash our face

wash our hands

dry our face

comb our hair

take a shower brush our teeth

take a bath

Homework: 1. Listen to the tape of L4, read the text and sing the song to your family. 2. Finish(完成)Keys of L4 on the notebook. 3. Preview(预习)L5.

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