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1. I’m free today.

2. I walk to school every day.

3. There are lots of books there. The seventieth one is mine.

4. There’s a boy near the tree.

5. Clean the word ’basket’ on the notice board, please.

6. ---What’s the time, please? Is it a quarter past eight? ---No. It’s a quarter to nine now.

7.National Day is on the first of October.

8. My car number is苏BRJ815

9. It’s a rainy today. Don’t go skating. It’s dangerous.

10. It was October 2nd yesterday.


1. W: What would you like, Yang Ling?

M: I’d like a sandwich, please.

2. M: What are the boys doing?

W: They’re learning English in the library.

3. W: What’s in the basket?

M: There’s a fish in it.

4. M: What do people usually do at Halloween?

W: They usually dress up in costumes.

5. W: Do you like winter?

M: Of course I do. I can skate.


1. Hello, is that Jim?

2. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

3. What’s that over there under the tree?

4. How do you go to school every day?

5. Which month comes after February?


1. M: I’m thirty years old. You are as old as I , I think.

W: No, I’m two years younger than you.

Q: How old is the woman?

2. W: Can we take photos here?

M: No, we can’t. Look at the sign over there.

Q: What does the sign mean?

3. M: I like Maths and PE. What about you, Helen?


W: Me, too. But Art is my favourite. Q: What’s Helen’s favourite subject? 4. W: Excuse me, sir. I want to go to the hospital. Where shall I get off? M: At Zhongshan Road. Q: Where are they now? 5. M: What would you like, a cup of coffee or a glass of milk? W: Er…. Coffee is my favourite. But I’m ill today, I can’t drink it. A cup of tea, please. Q: What would the woman like?


M: Hello, I want to find a penfriend. What should I do?

W: You need to fill in a form.

M: All right.

W: Let me help you. What’s your name?

M: My name is Jim Green.

W: OK. How old are you, Jim?

M: I’m ten.

W: Do you live in Wuxi?

M: Yes, I live with my father, mother and sister.

W: Good. Now, what’s your telephone number?

M: 85732189.

W: 85732189.OK. What’s the name of your school, Jim?

M: Sunshine Primary School.

W: What are your hobbies?

M: I like playing football, singing, growing flowers and so on.

W: Wow, you’ve got lots of hobbies.

M: That’s right.

W: All right. We’ll find you a good penfriend soon.

M: Thank you very much.

W: You’re welcome.

四、根据你所听到的短文内容答题 (听三遍)

It is Saturday evening. Jane and her parents are sitting in the sitting room. They’re talking about their plans for tomorrow. They are going to the Blue Hill Park. Jane is excited. Jane’s cousin Tom is going to go with them. He is going to fly kites with Jane. They will meet at half past seven at the park gate.


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