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阅读专练(上) 重点单词回顾 动物animals 河马________________ 兔子________________ 鹿 ________________ 蝴蝶________________ 老鼠_______________ 熊猫 _______________ 鸟 ________________ 大象__________________ 熊 __________________ 鸭子__________________ 青蛙__________________ 狼__________________ 猫 ___________________ 狗 ___________________ 水果 fruit 菠萝__________________ 枣 __________________ 柠檬__ _______________ 梨 __________________ 橘子___________________ 芒果___________________ 草莓__________________ 苹果__________________ 香蕉__________________ 西瓜 __________________ 桃子___________________ 椰子____________________

周(week)季节(season)月(month) 星期一 __________________ 星期二 __________________ 星期三 __________________ 星期四 __________________ 星期五 __________________ 星期六 __________________ 星期日 __________________ 春季 ____________________ 夏季 ____________________ 秋季 ____________________ 冬季 ____________________ 一月 ____________________ 二月 ___________________ 三月 ___________________ 四月 ___________________ 五月 ___________________ 六月 ___________________ 七月 ___________________ 八月 ___________________ 九月 ___________________ 十月 ___________________ 十一月 _________________ 十二月 _________________

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团



1. What’s the date today? It’s on the tenth of the September.

What day is it today? It’s Tuesday. 2. When do you have a holiday? We have a holiday on the first of June.

3. When is your birthday? It’s on the twelfth of September.

4. Whose birthday is in February? Tom’s birthday is in February.

5. It’s Helen’s 10th birthday. = It’s her 10th birthday.

6. Why is that?

Because my birthday is on the 29th of February.


第二站 朋友(Friends)


1) What’s your friend’s name ?

2) How old is she/he ?

3) Where does she/he come from ?

4) Does her/her hair long or short ?

5)What color does her/his hair ?

6) Is she/he tall or short ?


7) What does she/he like doing ?


8) What’s her/his favorite fruit ?


9) What’s her/his favorite color ?


10) Why you think you are best friends ?


? 背诵范文:

Hello, teachers. /Good morning teachers! Nice to meet you.

Let me introduce my best friends.

Her name is .

She/He is years old .

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团 2

She/He is come from __________ .

She/He has ________, ________ hair.

She/He is _________ , and she/he likes __________.

Her/His favorite color is ________ , and her/his favorite

fruit is ________. We are in the primary school.

She/He is very friendly to us and likes to help others.

We always go to school together, and help each other.

So I think we are ________ _______ .That’s all. Thank you!











Linda and I are good friends. Linda is a Japanese girl,

but I’m a Chinese girl. She is thirteen years old, and I’m one

year younger than her. But we’re in the same class, Class Two.

Linda has a nice Frisbee(飞盘). She can throw(扔) it

very well. I have a beautiful kite. I can fly it very well, but

I can’t throw a Frisbee. Linda teaches me to throw it like t

hat, and I teach her to fly the kite like this. Now I can throw

a Frisbee better than her, and she can fly a kite better than

me. We both can do them very well.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团 3

( ) 1. The wrier(作者) is ____ but her friend is ____.

A. Japanese; Chinese

B. Chinese; American

C. Chinese; Japanese

( ) 2. How old is Linda’s friend?She is ____.

A. twelve year old

B. thirteen years old

C. twelve years old

( ) 3. Both of them are ____.

A. not in the same class B. in the same class C. in different classes

( ) 4. Linda can ____ very well and she teaches her friend how to do it.

A.throw a Frisbee B. make a kite C. fly a kite

( ) 5. Which sentence is right?

A. Linda has a kite and her friend has a Frisbee. B. The writer can throw a Frisbee very well now.

C. Linda thinks it is too hard to throw a Frisbee.


Jane’s Birthday

Aunt Jane’s birthday is coming. She will be forty years old. Dad and Mum are going to take me to her house. We are going there by train. We are going there on Friday evening. And we are coming back on Sunday afternoon. The birthday party will be on Sunday. I am going to give my dear aunt a card. I am making it now. I am using my colour pencils to draw some nice flowers on the card. I am going to draw a small cat on it for Aunt Jane, too. Dad says his sister will like it very much.

( )1. Aunt Jane is________ years old now.

A. 39 B. 40 C. 41 D. 38

( )2. We are going there on________.

A. Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday D. Monday

( )3. I’m going to give my aunt ________.

A. a card B. some nice flowers C. a dog D. a colour pencil

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团


( )4. On the card, there are ________.

A. some flowers B. a small cat C. A and B D. nothing

( )5. We are going to Aunt Jane’s home ________.

A. on foot B. by train C. by bus D. by car


My Busy Weekend

I’m Lily. I am a schoolgirl. I’m going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I’m going to the People’s Park with my sister Lucy by bike. In the afternoon, we are going to visit my grandparents. In the evening, I’m going to visit my aunt with my mother. On Sunday morning, I’m going to the bookstore with my good friend, Tom. I’m going to buy some story-books. After lunch, I’m going to dance with Amy. In the evening, I’m going to watch TV and clean my room. How busy I am!

( )1. Lily is going to ________ on Saturday morning.

A. the bookstore B. the zoo C. the park D. the hospital

( )2. How is Lily going to the People’s park?

A. On foot B. By bike C. By bus D. By subway

( )3. What is Lily going to do in the bookstore? She is going to ________.

A. buy a new CD B. buy a pen C. buy a ball D. buy story-books

( )4. Lily is going to the bookstore with ________.

A. Tom B. Amy C. her sister D. her mother

( )5. Lily is going to clean her room on ________.

A. Saturday morning B. Saturday evening C. Sunday morning D. Sunday evening


Jim’s Sunday

On Sundays, Jim gets up at six. He eats breakfast at seven

o’clock. Then he goes to visit his grandfather. He doesn’t go to

school. There are not any classes on Sundays. He reads English

and Chinese and does his homework in the morning.

He eats lunch at twelve. In the afternoon, he plays football

with his friends. He eats supper at six. In the evening he reads

picture-books and story-books and watches TV. He goes to

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团


bed at nine o’clock.

( )1. Jim is a ________.

A. worker B. girl

C. student D. football player

( )2. Jim ________ at twelve on Sundays.

A. has lunch B. has breakfast

C. has supper D. gets up

( )3. Jim ________ in the evening.

A. plays football

B. reads picture-books and story-books

C. watches TV

D. B and C

( )4. Jim has ________ on Sundays.

A. two classes B. four classes C. one classes D. no classes

( )5. Jim goes to visit his grandfather ________.

A. in the afternoon B. in the morning C. in the evening D. at noon


I Don’t Know Any of You Here

It was New Year’s Eve. The Whites held a party. They invited many friends. When the party was going on , The man sat there happily for an hour and drunk. Then he said, “Thank you for inviting me to the party. I don’t know any of you here. My wife and I wanted to go to out in our car, but one of your friends’ cars was in front of our gate, so I came here to find him, and my wife is still waiting in our car!”

( )1. When did the story happen?

A. At 7:00 B. In December C. On New Year’s Eve D. When the bell rang

( )2. The “ here means the ________.

A. time bell B. doorbell C. church bell D. bell for class

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团


( )3. The host went to meet and took him in because he thought the tall man was ________.

A. one of his friends B. his brother

C. his classmate D. his teacher

( )4. The tall man’s wife waited in the car for _______.

A. a long time B. two hours C. a half hour D. an hour

( )5. At last, the host might be a little ________.

A. happy B. surprised C. worried D. sad


Five Good Friends

Tom, Mary, Nancy, John and Susan are good friends. But their hobbies are different. Tom, a lovely boy, likes playing football, and he plays well. Mary likes making clothes, and she can make pretty dresses for her doll. Nancy likes growing flowers, and she looks after them carefully. John likes cooking. He cooks nice food. Susan likes collecting stamping, and her animal stamps are very beautiful.

( )1. Does Nancy likes making clothes, too ?

A. No, she doesn’t. B. Yes, she does.

C. I don’t know. D. No, Susan does.

( )2. Who likes playing football ?

A. Tom B. John

C. Tom and John D. Mary

( )3. How many hobbies does Susan have ?

A. Three B. Two

C. One D. None

( )4. Who looks after her flowers carefully ?

A. Mary B. Nancy

C. I don’t know. D. John.

( )5. Does John cook bad food ?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.

C. I don’t know. D. Yes, he doesn’t.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团



A Lovely Boy

Tom is a lovely boy. He likes playing table tennis very much.

He often comes back home between 4:00p.m. and 5:00p.m. One day

he comes back late. His mother says, “you come back home late today, Tom.”

“Yes, we have a new teacher. He is a math teacher.” Tom answers.

“How is he?” his mother asks.

“I don’t know, I think I can’t believe him.”

“How is that?” his mother says.

“One moment he says four and four is eight, and the next moment he says one and seven is eight.” Tom answers.

( )1. Tom comes home ________today.

A. at 4:00p.m. B. at 4:30p.m. C. at 5:00p.m. D. after 5:00p.m.

( )2. Tom comes home late because ________.

A. he plays football B. he plays table tennis

C. he has a new teacher D. we don’t know

( )3. The sentence “How is that?”means ________.

A. how can you say that B. your teacher is right

C. tell me more about that D. how do you feel

( )4. What is four and four ?

A. Ten. B. Seven. C..Eight. D. Nine.

( )5. Which of the following sentence is right ?

A. The teacher is wrong. B. Tom is right.

C. Tom is wrong. D. Tom’s mother is wrong.


American Football

In almost every big university in the United Sates, football is not like soccer. Players sometimes kick the ball, but they also throw the ball and run with it. If they want to get the points, they need to take it to the other end of the field.

It is difficult to move the ball. Eleven men on the team try to stop him when he has the ball. If he does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the order team.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团


Each team plays ten or eleven games each season. The season begins in September and ends in November. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again on January 1, the first day of the New Year. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on TV.

( )1.American football players can ______.

A. only kick the ball B. only throw the ball

C. only carry the ball D. kick, throw and carry the ball

( )2. If a team wants to get points, it has to move the ball ________.

A. 10 yards B. to the other end C. 40 yards D. away from its own end

( )3. How many players are playing in an American football game?

A. 12 B. 11 C. 22 D. 24

( )4. Most teams play games in ________.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( )5. When do the best teams play again?

A. At Christmas. B. Before the season ends.

C. On New Year’s Day D. On the last day of the season.


One Cigar a Day

Once upon a time, an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said, “You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar a day. Then go to the country place for a month.”

After a month, the man came to the doctor again. “How are you?” said the doctor , “I’m glad to see you again. You look much younger.” “Oh!Doctor, I feel quite well now.” said the man, “I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walked a lot. It really helps, but you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed me. It’s no joke to start smoking at my age.”

( )1. The doctor told the man ________.

A. to go to bed early B. to drink milk

C. to walk a lot D. A,B and C

( )2. Which of the following sentences is true?

A. The doctor told the man to visit a beautiful city of country for a month.

B. The doctor didn’t tell him what to do.

C. After a month, the old man felt better.

D. The old man was younger than before after a month.

( )3. The doctor’s words were ________ for the old man’s health.

A. bad B. good C. well D. strong

( )4. The doctor wanted the old man ________.

A. to get worse B. to smoke less than before

C. to help him D. to start smoking

( )5. From the old man’s words, we know ________.

A. one cigar a day was really helpful to him

B. one cigar a day was better than before

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦! 戴氏教育集团


C. the old man was not a smoker at all

D. smoking made him feel better than before

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— 当你能飞的时候就不要放弃飞:当你能梦的时候就不要放弃梦!

戴氏教育集团 10

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