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We visited lots of places.

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Module 3 At the weekendUnit 1 We visited lots of places.

1.去超市_________ 购物单________________两公斤香蕉__________ 列一张清单__________中国制造___________________

2. 说出下列动词的过去式。

go______ read_________ by________take_________ make________


do _________ come________ drop ________

meet ________

the British Museum

The British Museum

Big Ben

The London Eye

London EyeIt’s wonderful.It’s a bigwheel.

The London Eye



How many days in a week ?


Read the new words

the British Museum 大英博物馆the LondonEye

Big Ben伦敦眼大本钟Postcard 明信片wheel

wonderful 轮,轮状物令人惊奇的understand明白,理解

Listen and choose:

D1. Did Daming go to the British Musem?

2. What's the London Eye?A

3. Did Lingling like the London Eye?B4. What did Lingling like best?C

A. It's a big wheel.

B. Yes, she did.

C. She liked the bus ride best.

D. No, he doesn't.

1. How are you? 的肯定答语: I'm fine. Thanks.否定回答呢?

I'm not fine.

2. at the weekend 在周末

3. visit 的过去式: visited

4. 许多



5. place的复数:places

6. the British Museum 大英博物馆

7. Big Ben 大笨钟

8. the London Eye 伦敦眼

9. big 的反义词: small

10. understand 的过去式:understood

11. send 的过去式: sentsend sth to sbsb sth

12. 乘公共汽车

13. best 最好

原级比较级最高级good better best

London buses are red and many are double-decker, they have two

Read and answer.

1. What did Amy do at the weekend?She visited lots of places.

2. Where did Amy go?

She went to the British Museum. And she visited Big Ben and the London Eye.

3. What's the London Eye?

It's a big wheel.

4. Did Lingling like the London Eye?Yes, she did.

Talk about your weekend.

Where did you go?What did you do ?wentsawbought

see lots of animals/ buy some food/ the British Museum/ the London Eye/ Big Ben/ see some flowers/

buy some juice


?Where did you go? I went to the London.?What did you do? I visited lots of places.?





?the British Meseum 大英博物馆the London Eye 伦敦眼wheel 轮wonderful 令人惊奇的understand 明白,理解postcard 明信片


1. 在周末(汉译英)____2. 许多(汉译英)____

3. the British Museum ( 英译汉) ___________

4. big 的反义词__________

5. the London Eye (英译汉) _________

6. understand的过去式______________

7. send的过去式_______________--

8. better的最高级____________


1. of, lots, we, places, visited ( . )

2. did, where, go, you ( ? )

3. do, what, at, the, did, you, weekend ( ? )

4. postcard, sent, a, we, you ( . )


( ) 1. When did you go there?

( ) 2.What did you do yesterday?

( ) 3. Where did you go last Sunday?

( ) 4. How did you go to school?

( ) 5. How are you?

A. I went to the park last Sunday.

B. We went there last night.

C. I went there by bus.

D. I'm not fine.

E. I played football yesterday.

= Saturday + Sunday

weekday= Monday+ Tuesday+ Wednesday+Thursday+ Friday

1. We have ________ apples.A B

2. We have ________ cheese.A C

A. lots of B. many C. much

sent you a postcard. (变成同义句)We sent a postcard to you.

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