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一. 英译汉。


name____she___he___friend_______family______mother_______ father________sister_______brother__________grandpa_______ grandma______farmer_____teacher______doctor_____head____arm_____leg____foot____have____mouth___nose____face______ tail____eye______ear______hand_______our_______new_______ desk_____classroom_____chair_______schoolbag_____book_____pen____pencil_______pencil-case_______ruler_____eraser______an eraser_______ colour_____ red____ green____ yellow______ blue____white____like____orange____black_____two___five____three____one____four____nine____seven____eight____six____ ten____happy_____birthday_____Happy birthday! ___________

二. 默写26个大小写字母。




1. Hello

A. Good morning. B. Hi.

C. My name’s Peter. D. Good afternoon. E. Nice to meet you, too. F. Bye!

G . I’m fine. Thank you. H. Thank you! I. Two. J. It’s nice. K. It’s green. L. It’s an eraser. M. I have five pencils. N. I’m nine.

O. I like blue and white.

2. Good morning. 3. How are you? 4. Goodbye! 5. Good afternoon. 6. Nice to meet you. 7. What’s your name? 8. What’s this? 9. What colour is it? 10. What colour do you like? 11. How many colours?

12. How many pencils do you have? 13. How old are you, Jenny? 14. I have a new pen. 15. This is for you.


1. She’s my friend.____________ 2. This is my family. ____________ 3. Look! He’s my grandpa. _________ 4. My grandma is a farmer. _________ 5. This is your head. ____________ 6. I have two eyes. ____________ 7. This is our classroom. __________ 8.That’s your desk, Li Ming. __________ 9. I have a new pen. ____________ 10. It’s nice! ____________ 11. What’s that? It’s a pencil. ____________12. You’re eight. ____________ 13.What colour is the pen? ___________14.It’s red, yellow and blue. ____________


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