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Unit 6 The Story of Rain

Answer the questions about Yao Ming: 1.Is Yao Ming tall and strong?
Yes, he is.

2.Where does he come from?
He comes from Shanghai.

3.What’s Yao Ming’s hobby?
He likes playing basketball and reading newspaper.

4.Is he a football player?
No, he isn’t.

5.What does he do?
He is a basketball player.

What can you see in the nature park? cloud sun

stream vapour

Rain , rain , lovely rain . I can see the lovely rain .

rain r-ai-n

cloud cl-ou-d

Cloud ,cloud , beautiful cloud.

I can see the beautiful cloud .

Vapour , vapour , white vapour .

I can see the white vapour .

vapour v-a-p-our

Sun , sun , warm sun . I can see the warm sun .

sun s-u-n

Stream , stream , pretty stream . (water) I can see the pretty stream .

stream str-ea-m

1. It’s very beautiful . It looks like a bridge . But it’s not a bridge . It comes after rain . It has seven colours . What is it ?

It’s the

rainbow .

2. Sometimes it’s white . Sometimes it’s black . Sometimes it looks like a dog . Sometime it looks like a cat . What is it ?

It’s the



3. It’s big . It’s old . It’s red . It’s warm . It’s round . It comes up in the east . And it goes down in the west . What is it ? It’s the



4. It’s white and light(轻的) . It comes from the water . When the sun shines , it comes out and goes up to the sky . What is it ? It’s the


5. There is much water in it. It’s not the river . It’s not the lake . It’s not the sea . It’s long and small . What is it ? It’s the



6. It goes into the river and stream. It goes into the lake and sea . When it comes , you can see the people take the umbrellas . What is it ? It’s the

rain .



Look and say



1. Where does the water come from ?

It comes from the
2. Where does the



rain come from ? It comes from the cloud
It comes from the vapour .


3. Where does the cloud come from ?

4. Where does the vapour come from ? It comes from the water in the stream . 5. How can the water become vapour? . The sun shines and the water becomes vapour.

A: Where does the
B: It comes from the

come from ?
sheep apple pig cow flour

mutton apple juice pork milk bread

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