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unit2 eduacation

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Unit 2 Education

Expressions that may be used to talk about education and learning method:

1) adopt a tailored learning method that enable students to learn at their own speed and capacity

2) Teaching is a challenging activity.

3) Technically, a teacher should pass on skills and knowledge which are educational and useful for students.

4) The quality aof a curiculum must be assessed by its capacity to assist students to acquire a higher level skills and abilities and better valuses.

5) The best eduacation method is to realize that there is no one best method: teachers must teach each student differently on the basis of their individual inclinations, capacities and capabilities.

6) Along the way of educating the youth, teachers should encourage each student to internalize the good values of education through modelling.

7) Teachers must apply a sorting system that is flexible and reasonable whild being respectful of students’ wishes.

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