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1.人称代词主格和宾格的区别:主格通常位于句中第一个动词之前(有时候位于than 之后),宾格一般位于动词或介词之后。 2.物主代词形容词性与名词性的区别:形容词性用时后面一般要带上名词,名词性则单独使用,后面不带名词。 代词表格。


1.That is not_______kite.That kite is very small,but_____is very big.(I)

2.The dress is_______.Give it to______.(she) 3.Is this_________watch?(you)No,it’s not______.(I) 4.______is my brother._____name is Jack.Look!Those stamps are_________.(he)

5.____dresses are red.(we)What colour are_____?(you) 6.Here are many dolls,which one is______?(she) 7.I can find my toy,but where’s_____?(you) 8.Show_____your kite,OK?(they)

9.I have a beautiful cat._____name is Mimi.These cakes are_________.(it)

10.Are these_____tickets?No,____are not_____.______aren’t here.(they)

11.Shall______have a look at that classroom?That is_________classroom.(we) 12._________is





know__________job?_______is a nurse.(she) 13.That is not______camera______is at home.(he)

14.Where are______?I can’t find______.Let’s call______parents.(they)

15.Don’t touch____.____is not a cat,____is a tiger!(it) 16.____sister is ill.Please go and look after_____.(she) 17._____don’t know her name.Would you please tell_____.(we)

18.So many dogs.Let’s count_____.(they)

19.I have a lovely brother.______is only 3 years old.I 三、单项选择

( )1.Look! This is ____ clock. It’s ____ alarm clock. A a ;a B an ; an C a; an D an ;a

( ) 2.--______the football?--It’s under the chair.

A Where B Where’s C Where’re D What ( )3--Is Andy ______friend?--Yes,_____is. A she he B your she C your it D your he like_____very much.(he) 20.May I sit beside_____?(you)

21.Look at that desk.Those book are on____.(it) 22.The girl behind_____is our friend.(she) 二A、根据首字母提示或所给中文写出单词 ⒈-W______ your name ? -My name is Bob

⒉ Jack and Peter are twin brothers . T______ are tall and big .

⒊ Sammi is from England . She’s E________ . ⒋ I have f______ good friends . ⒌ My father is a ___________ (司机). ⒍This is my ___________(猫).She is Mimi . ⒎ Let ________(我)have a look . ⒏ Pat is a boy .___________(他)is polite . ⒐ My father is a teacher . He’s _________(强壮的). ⒑ How old is the boy ? He’s __________(十二岁). B、按要求写出下列单词(共10分) ⒈ I am (缩略形式) ___________ ⒉ are not (缩略形式) __________ ⒊ My name is (缩略形式)___________ ⒋ this (对应词) ___________ ⒌ yes (反义词) ___________ ⒍ new (反义词) ___________ ⒎ happy (反义词) ___________ ⒏ two (同音词) ___________ ⒐ they’re (完全形式) ___________ 10. your (人称代词主格)________

( )4.下列含有相同音素的字母组合是______. A .H K F B .S M N C .E P Q D .R A K ( )5. Can you ____ some things to me? A. take B. bring C. need D brings

( )6.This ___ my brother and those______my parents. A am are B are is C is are D be is ( )7.___ a bird.___name is Polly. A It’s It B It’s Its C It’s It’s D It s It’s ( )8.Here is a photo __ my family. A of B to C at D for

( )9.I am a girl.I am my ____ daughter . A mother’s B mothers’ C uncle’s D mother’ ( )10.The football is ___the floor. A in B on C of D under

( )11 . --_________ --I’m well. A. How are you ? B. Hello. C. Good morning D. Thank you.

( )12. —What’s your name? — . A. Is Mary B. M-A-R-Y C. My name’s Mary D. I don’t know

( “U” in the word “hour”. A. a, an B. an, an C. an, a D. a, a 四、 完形填空

( )14. I John. He my brother. A. is; am B. am; is C. are; is D. am; are ( )15. —Is ______a pencil? — isn’t. A. that, this B. this, it C. it, this D. that, that ( )16.—What’s this in English? —. A. Yes, it’s a book. B. It’s book. C. It’s a book. D. No, it’s not a book. ( pencil case? A. he B. she C. her D. a his

( )18. The man’s name is John Miller. We can call him .

A. Mr. Miller B. Mr. John C. Sir John D. Miller ( )19.—Good afternoon, Mr. Green. —. A. Yes, please. B. Good afternoon, Gina. C. Fine, thank you. D. That’s all right.

( )20. —. What’s your name? —Rose Brown. A. Hi B. OK C. Sorry D.Oh ( )21. —Your watch is very nice. —. A. Thank you B. No, it isn’t C. It isn’t D. All right

(A)This is a ___1__ of my bedroom.It is a nice___2__.The door is___3____.And a ball is___4___it. ___5__desk is near the window.You ___6__books and flowers ___7__it.You can see a __8__behind the desk. I__9__my English books in my shoolbag. The bag is now behind __10__chair.

( )1A. map B. picture C .book D .family ( )2.A .classroom B. room C. toilet D. home ( )3.A .there over B. here C .this D. that ( )4.A .in B on C. under D .behind ( )5.A .Me B .I C. My D. Mine 五、句型转换

⒈ We are girls .(改为一般疑问句并作肯定回答) _______ ________ ________ ? Yes,________ _________ . ⒉ She’s 13 . (对划线部分提问) _______ ________ ________ she ? ⒊ The woman is a nurse .(对划线部分提问) 1.早上好!______________________ 2.下午好!______________________ 3.晚上好!_______________________ 4.你好吗?______________________ 5.我很好,谢谢。___________________ 6.很高兴见到你!______________________

_______ ________ the woman ?

⒋ Your English teacher is fine .(对划线部分提问) _______ ________ your English teacher ? ⒌ She is my cousin Kate .(对划线部分提问) _______ ________ ?

7.再见! ______________________

8.A:你叫什么名字?_______________________ B:我叫米莉。______________________ 9.这是我的表哥安迪。他又高又壮。 _______________________________________ 10.A:你是王老师吗?_____________________ ( )6.A .can see B .see C .look at D. must see ( )7.A .on B .at C. of D .from ( )8.A .window B. door C .clock D .chair ( )9.A. put B. put on C .find D .colour ( )10.A .a B. the C. an D .of

六、Lesson1 Usefull expressions (有用表达)


11.A:莉莉很聪明吗?_______________________ B:是的。_____________________________


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