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Lesson 1 测试卷


( A. ly B. ll C. rl

( d A. ee B. ea C. ao

( A. ion B. ein C. ean

( A. ae B. ea C. ee

( A. ear B. eer C. eere


( ( ( ( (


1. 做比萨饼 2 . use your pen 3. 看电视 4. Here you are.

5. 问问题 6. of course


( ) 1. May I take a message A. for B. to C. of

( ) 2. ——Who’s that?

—— is Kate.

A. This B. That C. this

( ) 3. She is a pizza.

A. baking B. bakeing C. bake

( ) 4. Let’s now.

A. look TV B. watch TV C. see TV

( ) 5. ——May I borrow your ruler?


A. Here you are. B. Here is it. C. Here are you.


例:use your pen ——May I use your pen?

1. borrow your ruler

2. ask you a question

3. speak to Mary

4. take a message

5. use your dictionary


( ) 1. Do you have a ruler? A. Yes, you can.

( ) 2. Can I bake it now? B. Yes, it’s 8-5-3-7-2-1-5.

( ) 3. May I have your number? C. Yes, I do.

( ) 4. May I speak to Mary? D. Sorry, she’s not in.

( ) 5. Can I use your bike? E. Certainly. Here you are.


( )1. ——Do you have a ruler?

——Yes, we can.

( )2. ——May I use your book?

——OK. Here you are.

( )3. ——Can we bake it now?

——No, we can.

( )4. ——May I have your number?

——Yes, it’s 4-2-5-2-7-6.


A: Hello!

B: to Amy?

A: , she is in. Who’s ?

B: This is Tom. A: Yes, may I a message for you?

B: Yes, . I want ask her question.


Today is Sunday. Tom’s mother is making a pizza. Tom comes in. He wants to help her. Mom tells him how to roll. Tom is very happy. Tom and his mother pull it together. Tom spreads some meat on it. His mother looks at him and smiles. They bake the pizza together. The pizza is done. Mom says to Tom “You did a good job!”

( )1. What day is today?

A. Sunday. B. Saturday C. Monday.

( )2. Who is making a pizza when Tom comes in?

A. Tom’s mother B. Tom’s father C. Tom

( )3. Is Tom happy?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, she is.

( )4. Does Tom help his mother?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, he do.

( )5. Did Tom do a good job?

A. Yes, he do. B. No, she didn’t. C. Yes, he did.

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