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What can we do in four seasons

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What can we do in four seasons?

In spring, we can fly our kites, and we can play ball games in the playground. We can plant the trees.

In summer, we can swim in the sea, we can eat ice-cream and have summer holiday.

In autumn, we can fly our kites, too, and we can eat many many fresh fruit.

In winter, we can go-skating and we can heap snow man, and play with snow.

I like spring, summer, autumn and winter. Because in spring, the days are long and the

night are short. The sun rises early and sets late. In summer, we can eat many ice-cream and have summer holiday, swim in the sea. And in autumn, it’s a gravest season, we not only can eat many fruit, but also can fly our kites. And autumn is a neither cold, nor hot season, it’s cool. In winter, we can play with snow and have winter holiday, spring festival.

I like them very much.

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