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方 位 介 词

表示方位的介词 表示方位的介词通常有以下这些: in, on, under, in front of, behind, near, between, among, near, next to, beside, by等等。

in 表示“在------之内”(强调在里 面)。 如:


in the box . The stars are ___


on 表示“在------上面(强调挨着表面)” 如:

The ball is


the table.

强调与物体 表面接触

on the cupboard. The telephone is ____

辨析1: on the street(在街道上)和 in the road(在道路上)以面积 大小区分,通常情况下街道比 道路小,所以street用on,而road 用in.

辨析2:on,over, above, on ,over, 和 above 都可表示“在……上面”,但具 体含义不同。Over 表示位置高于某物,在某物的 正上方,其反义词是under。above 也表示位置高于 某物,但不一定在正上方,其反义词是below。On 指两个物体表面接触,一个在另一的上面。例如: There is a bridge over the river. 河上有一座桥。 We flew above the clouds. 我们飞越云层。 They put some flowers on the teacher's desk. 他们把一些花放在讲桌上。

under 表示“在------正下方” (与over相对)。如:

The ball is under the table.

在……下 面

强调垂 直之下

in front of 表示“在------前面”。如:


The chair is in front of the TV set.

behind: 表示“在------后面”。如:


The chair is ________the behind cupboard.

between 表示“在两者之间”。如:


The snowman is between the computer and the clock.

The frog is _______the dog the cat between and

辨析3: between和among都表示“在-----之间”。但是between 表示在两者 之间,among表示在三者或者 三者以上之间。如: The washroom is between the trees.(洗手间在两棵树之间。) There is a tall man among these people. (在人群中有一各高个子男人。)

beside 表示“在------旁边”。如:

The ball is beside the table.


辨析4: by, beside, near和next to 1) by和beside均表示“在……旁边”,常可换用 例:There is a chair by the table. 桌子边上有一把椅子。 The hotel is beside (/by) the river. 那家饭店在河边。 Come and sit beside (/by) me. 过来,坐在我边上。

2) near表示“在……附近”,表示的距离比by和beside稍远 例:There is a theatre near his home. 他家附近有一家剧院。 Don‘t play near the road. 不要在马路附近玩。 There is a post office near No. 1 Middle School. 第一中学附近 所邮局。
3) next to表示“紧靠……的旁边”,表示的距离最近。 例:The new building next to the bookstore is a cinema. 书店旁边的那幢新楼是一家电影院。

by, beside, near和next to 三个词都是"在旁边,在附近,靠近“ 的意思:但是表示远近时候还是

有区别的。从近到一般近到最近为到: near > beside/by> next to

in On Above over below under in front of before behind Between among beside / by near next to

在……里面 在……表面 在……上方 在……正上方 在……下面 在……正下面 在……前面 在……后面 在两者之间 在三者或者三者以上之间 在……旁边 在……附近 紧靠……的旁边



by == beside

over —— under

before == in front of

above —— below

behind == in front of




beside/next to the shelf. The tree is __ ____
The snowman is


above the shelf. The toy plane is ______


the shelf.

(二)单项选择. 1. The boy is __________ the door. So you couldn’t see him when you came into the room. A. in B. behind C. beside D. in front of 2. Your pen is on the floor __________ the desk. Please pick it up. A. under B. on C. in D. above




The post office is _________ the library and the police station. You can’t miss it. A. behind B. next to C. between D. beside You can put your painting _________ the wall so that everyone can see it. A. behind B. under C. between D. on The handsome man standing ___________ the window is our manager. He is talking to one of our clients. A. on B. in C. above D. next to



Meimei sits ______ ______ ______ in front of me and I sit ______ her. behind 2. 迈克坐在吉姆和萨姆之间。 Mike sits ________ Jim ______ Sam. between and

? 3. 我的书桌上面放了很多书。 on ? There are many books ________ my desk. ? 4. 盒子里有什么? in the box? ? What's _______ ? 5. 叶子丛中有一朵漂亮的红花。 among ? There is a beautiful flower ______ the leaves.

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