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第一人称:I 我
第二人称:you 你 第三人称:he or she or it

单数 第一人称 I 复数 we


he she it


主格人 称代词

宾格人称 代词

物主代词 形容词性 名词性

I you
he she it we you they

me you
him her it us you them

my your
his her its our your their

mine yours
his hers its ours yours theirs


位置:在陈述句中位于动词前面, 在疑问句中 位于be、can、助动词和实义动词之间。
1、I am a student. You like music. He is playing football. 2,Does he like sports? What is she doing now?

What can we do?

1 ____ (I/He) am Peter. ? I 2 ____ (He/ She) is a tall boy. 3 That isn’t a cat. ____ (It/ They) is a dog.

4 Do you like music? Yes, ____ (we/you) do.
5 ____ (I/He) doesn’t have any brothers.

6 ____ (We/You) are a student.


1、Give me an orange, please.

Mary’s mother is telling her a story.
Let us go to help them.

2、Listen to me, boys and girls.
Peter is sitting behind me.

These apples are for them.


1 Are those books for ____ ? (they/them)
2 Mike is Mary’s deskmate. ____ (He/Him) is sitting next to ____ (she/her). 3 --Mary, please open the windows. -- OK, Mum. ____ (I/Me) am opening ____ (they/them) now. 4 Dad, can you let ____ (we/us) watch TV for a while (一会儿)? 5 Look at ____. ____ is wearing(穿着) a beautiful dress. (she/her/She/Her)

人称代词主格在句子中作主语, 位于动词前

人称代词宾格在句中作宾语, 位于动词后(或介词后)

根据句意,用所学代词的适当形 式填 空。 1 ____ am thirsty(渴). Is the water for ____? (I) 2 Tom’s father bought ____ a watch. Now ____ has a new watch. (he) 3 Look at those boys. ____ are from America. Most of ____ can’t speak Chinese very well. (they)


例如:This is my book.
His hat is blue.

Their English teacher is Mr Li.

例如: ● Mine=my book, 以免名词重复. This is her book .Mine is on the desk. ●His son is taller than hers.

形容词性物主代词和名词性物 主代词的区别:
二者虽然意思一样,但是用法不一样:形 容词性物主代词后要接名词,而名词性物 主代词后面不接名词。 例如:这是我的书包。

This is my bag.
This bag is mine.

同义句转换: 1. This is my breakfast. This breakfast is _________. mine

2. That is your breakfast. yours That breakfast is _________.

It’s his card.

This card is his .
It’s her card. This card is hers .

It’s our classroom. This classroom is ours .

s They’re our bo


These books are ours . They’re your desks. s These desks are yours .

That is your T-shirt.
It’s yours(your T-shirt).

Those are our books.
They are ours(our books).

-Is this your coat? -No, it’s not mine . Mine is blue. This coat is red. -Whose is it? -I think it’s Millie’s (Millie’ coat). It’s hers -Thank you all the same.


4. A: Oh, dear! I can’t find my my bike.
B: Don’t worry. I think I can help you yours www you. Is that one over there yours? mine Thanks a lot. A: Oh, yes. It’s mine.

5. A: Could you help us please?
B: What’s wrong?

A: Ourjeep is broken. B: Which one is yours
A: The green one is ours B: OK, I think I can help you

A: Thank you.

6. A Kangaroo can not jump if its tail is off the ground. It needs its tail for pushing off. 7. A: Whose wallet is it? B: I think it’s his .

a)your b)her c)his d)their

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