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深港版三年级英语下册Unit1 Our favourite subjectCDE

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深港版三年级下册英语Unit1 Our favourite subject C&D&E 课堂训练:


( )1. A.PE. B.science C.Chinese

( )2. A.run B.draw C.sing

( )3. A.badminton B.basketball C.volleyball

( )4.A.English B.maths C.music

( )5.A.8 B.9 C.11


( )1.A.She is good at Chinese. B.She likes badminton.

( )2.A.Tim is good at English. B.Lily is good at music.

( )3.A.I’m fine, thank you. B.I’m five.

( )4.A. She likes science. B.She likes volleyball.


( )1.What subject _____ Lily like?

A.does B.do C.is

( )2.-How _____ you ?

-I’m fine, thank you .

A.do B.are C.old

( )3.He is good ______ English too.

A.on B.in C.at

( )4.Come _____ meet my friend,Mum.

A.or B.and C.on

( )5.Pat _____ music, she can _____ very well.

A.like ;sing B.like;sings C.likes; sing


A.He is ten years old. B. She likes badminton.

C.Lily is good at volleyball. D.He likes science and English.

E.Our favourite subject is music.

( )1.Who is good at volleyball?

( )2.What’s your favourite subject ?

( )3.What sport does your sister like?

( )4.How old is your brother?

( )5.What subject does Tony like ?




maths:__________ science:__________ Chinese:____________ art and crafts: __________ pet:_______________ English:______________ music:_______________ basketball: corner: clever: 二、选词填空完成对话。

A: Hello, Tom, sport do you B: Eh…… I like very much.

A: Really? Jack it too. B: And what subject you like? A Oh, my favourite subject is 三、根据表格完成句子。

1、Candy is good at and 2、is good at maths and Chinese. 3、is good at and badminton. 4、is good at basketball and volleyball. 5、and


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