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新教材三年级下学期Unit2 In the library

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In the library

Lesson 1 第一课时

Simon says …

Look and guess

Group work
T: Class begins.

Be a little teacher

S: Stand up.
T: Good morning, class.

S: Good morning, Miss /Mr…
T: Sit down, please.

S: Thank you, Miss/Mr…
T: Open/ Close the …, please. S: Yes/Ok/All right, Mr/Miss …

d_ o _r o ( 门) o e ( 开 ) _p_n

w_nd_ w ( 窗) bl_ckb_ a o _rd a (黑板 ) i o_ o (关 ) cl_se a (请 ) e _se pl_

o ( 书 ) o _k s_rry (对不起) cl_ss o a ( 同学们) b_ 课 stand up ( 起立) sit down ( 坐下 )
come in ( 进来 ) in class ( 在课上)

Look and say 看一看 说一说
Use “please” to be polite.

?, please. = Please? .

Sit down. Close the window. Stand up. Open the door.

Mr Robot

Mr Robot, please… stand up Now, let’s play a game. You need to tell sit down Mr Robot what to do. What can the youdoor say?
open/close the window 我们和Robert先生玩个游戏。让 Robert the book 完成你说的指令。你能对它说什么呢? look at the blackboard

open the book 打开这本书 open your book 打开你的书 close your book 合起你的书 say “Hello!” 说“你好!”

Off we go! 我们一起走!

Open the window Open the window, open the door.
Open your book and say “Hello!” Close the window, close the door. Close your book and off we go!



in class



在教室里 classroom

in the

Let’s review.

stand up
stand 站 up 向 上


sit down
sit 坐 down



open the book 打开书 close the book 合上书

Say the chant
Open ,open, open the book. 打开书。 Close, close,

close the book. 合上书。

blackboard 黑板

Look at the blackboard. 看黑板.

Ok/ All right.

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