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? ? ? ? ? 1.学习目标语句 The sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. The ducks are eating our picnic. 2.能识别单词:shine everyone


He is cooking.

What is the man doing ?

She is dancing.

What is the woman doing?

She’s walking.

Oh,look! What is the old woman doing?

They are running.

What are they doing?

He is drawing.

What is he doing?

Read and answer: ? 1.Did he have a funny day on Saturday? ? 2.What did they do? ? 3.What is he sending?

Here are the photos. Look!

? In this photo,the sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. ? We are looking at some ducks. ? They look hungry.

? In this photo,it is raining and we are under a tree.

? And just look at this! The ducks are eating our picnic!

? New words: ? funny 有趣的,好玩的 ? shine 照耀 send 寄,邮送 ? everyone 每个人 现在进行时表示动作正在发生 结构:Be( is/ am/ are) +v-ing

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