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Unit 6 I like sweets.

I like apples, yes I do. I like apples, yes I do. I like apples, yes I do. I like apples, too.

What ‘s this?

This is a cake.

This is a biscuit.

This is a lollipop.

This is an ice-cream.

快速反应 cake biscuit

biscuits lollipops


What are these?

I like cakes.
I like biscuits.

I like lollipops.

My friend sent me a gift.(礼物)

Guess What is it?



What do you like ? I like __.

I have a box of sweets.

This is soft jelly.

hard nuts (坚果)

What do you like? I like__.

Sweets,sweets, I like sweets. Soft ,soft,soft jelly. I like soft jelly. Hard,hard,hard nuts. I like hard nuts.


What do you like?

I like__.

Work in groups of five。Ask your group members "What do you like?" Please fill in the form on page 23.
五个人为一组,调查每位组员喜爱吃的三样 食物,把你的调查结果填在课本23页的表格。

(例如) A: What do you like? B: I like sweets,cakes and soft jelly. B:What do you like? A: I like...

Name sweets
Miss He

nuts cakes jelly

What do you like?

I like __.

No Chinese!


( )likes( ),( ),and( )
Miss He likes cakes, sweets and soft jelly.

1.抄写新单词,每个 写三遍。 2.调查爸爸妈妈及其 他家庭成员喜爱吃的 食物。

Anne has a box of ( sweets )
can't Dong dong can have more sweets. (true or false)

A: You like __. Right? B: Yes, I like __. B: You like__.Right? A: No,I don't like__. Please try again. (猜一猜同伴的喜好)

These are soft.

These are hard.

What do you like?

I like__.

Peter,you like sweets. Right?
Peter Anne

Yes,I like sweets.

Anne,You like hard nuts. Right?


No,I don't like hard nuts. Please try again.

What are these?

These are __.

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