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( )1. A baker B. bake C. barber ( )2. A taxi driver B bus driver C driver ( )3. A nurse B doctor C dog ( )4. A want B what C where ( )5. A teacher B butcher C worker ( )6. A blue B balloon C brother ( )7. A model B morning C Mom

( )8 A office worker B police officer C fire fighter ( )9. A take a walk B take a nap C talk ( )10. A room B broom C vacuum


( )1. A doctors B nurses C driver ( )2. A Jenny’s B Peter’s C Ben’s

( )3. A see a movie B do a puzzle C go to the park ( )4. A she B he C they ( )5. A money B underwear C keys

三、听问句,选答语。(10分) ( )1. A I’m a doctor. B She’s a doctor. C They’re doctors. ( )2. A I want to see a movie.

B She wants to see a movie. C He wants to see a movie. ( )3. A It’s mine. B It’s hers. C It’s his.

( )4. A Yes, I do . B Yes, they do. C Yes, she does. ( )5.A No, I don’t. B No, he doesn’t.

C No, she doesn’t.

( )6.A Yes, I’m a nurse. B Yes, she’s a nures. C He’s a nurse.


( ) 7. A Yes, I am. B Yes, they are. C Yes, he is.

( )8. A No, she isn’t. B No, he isn’t. C No, I am not.

( )9.A I want to be a doctor. B She wants to be a nurse.

C. He wants to be a driver.

( )10.A Yes,I do . B Yes, she does. C Yes, they don’t.



( )1.A ear B dog C knee

( )2. A meat B rice C shout

( )3. A doctor B businessman C driving

( )4. A doing a puzzle B pajamas C slippers

( )5. A shop B swimming C swimming pool

五、替换横线上的单词。(9分) 1. I want to be a nurse.

A _______________ B ______________ C_______________ 2. She likes playing cards.

A ___________________ B_________________ C________________ 3.Whose money is this?

A ____________________ B ________________ C _______________


( )1. Do you like _______ comic books?

A. reading B. read C. reads

( )2.A:What do you want to _______? B: I want to go home.

A. doing B. do C. be

( )3.Here’s a fork ______ your corn.

A. at B. of C for


( )4.Are these Dad’s ________?

A. slipper B. slippers C. money

( )5.A:_____ red and blue shirt is this? B: It’s Jenny’s.

A. Whose B. What C. Where

( )6. She is ______ office worker.

A. a B. an C. /

( )7. A: Is this money ________? B: No,it’s not.

A. yours B. you C. your

( )8. The barber _________ a big baby.

A. have B. has C. am]

( )9. The bus driver ______ to be a businessman.

A want B. wanting C. wants

( )10. It’s four o’clock ______ the morning.

A. at B. in C. on


( )1.What do you do ? A. No, I’m not.

( )2.What does Jenny want to be? B.Yes, it’s mine.

( )3.What do you want to do? C.I’m a bus driver.

( )4.Whose money is this? D.Yes, he does.

( )5.Are these shorts yours? E.I want to go shopping.

( )6.Is this your shirt? F.No, she isn’t.

( )7.Do you want to be a doctor? G. N0,It’s Ben’s.

( )8.Does Tony want to watch TV? H. Yes, they are.

( )9.Are you an office worker? I. Yes, I do.

( )10.Is she a nurse? J.She wants to be a teacher. 3


1. are , slippers , these , mom’s (.)


2.be , doctor , a , wants , my , to , sister(.)


3.wants , to , he , the , internet , surf (.)


4. mother , my , folding , is , the , clothes (.)


5. is , putting , he , on , his , the , desk , bag (?) ____________________________________________________________


1.I’m a doctor , I work in a ____________.

2. She’s a teacher , she works in a ______________.

3.He’s a farmer , he works on a ______________.

4. He drives(驾驶) a taxi, he’s a ______________________.

5. He bakes bread , he’s a _________________.


There are five people in my family. They’s my mother ,father, brother, sister and me. My father is a _________ ________(消防员). My mother is a ____________(护士). I’m a ___________(学生). My brother is __________ __________(警察). My sister is a ____________(秘书).



一.1. barker 2. taxi driver 3. doctor 4. want

5. butcher 6. brother 7. model 8. police officer

9. take a nap 10 . vacuum

二、1. Do they want to be doctors ?

2.They are Peter’s slippers. 3. Tony wants to do a puzzle.

4. Are they going to take a walk? 5. They are my Mom’s keys. 三、1. What do they do ? 2. What does she want to do?

3.A: Is this money hers? B: Yes.

4.Do you want to be a bus driver?

5. Does she want to play video games?

6.Are you a nurse?

7. Are Ben and Tony doctors?

8. Are you a barber?

9. What do you want to be?

10. Does she want to be a doctor?



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