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Teachers’ Day is coming. Tim and his classmates are getting ready for a party.

Mary is going to practice a song. She wants to use Bill’s CD player. She asks Bill, is going to make an invitation card, but the crayons are on John’s desk. He says to John, blackboard, but she is not good at drawing. Lily is good at it, Ann says, And Lily answers, Everything is ready for the party. Children say,

A. Can you help me draw some pictures? B. Can I you your CD player?

B. Sure, I’d like to. D. Can you pass me the crayons?

E. Happy Teachers’ Day.


A. What do you do for fun on weekends?

B. ( )

A. Are you good at?

B. ( )

A. Do you like to play soccer?

B. ( )

A. Why?

B. ( )

A. What are you going to do this weekend?

B. ( ) What about you?

A. ( )

(1) Yes, I do.

(2) Yes, I am.

(3) It’s exciting.

(4) I am going to play soccer.

(5) I like to play badminton.

(6) Me too.

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