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牛津小学英语6B Unit1 Who’s younger(Part CDE)课件

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Unit 1 Who’s younger? (Part CDE)

A: Who is …(比较级)than xxx ? B: xx is .

A: Whose school bag is heavier , yours or mine ?

B: Yours is , I think . his or hers

ours or theirs

1. Su Hai’s aunt is younger than Su Hai’s mother. 2. The man in black is Su Hai’s uncle . 3. Su Hai’s father is older than her uncle. 4. Su Hai’s uncle is taller and stronger than her father.

Q1:Who will be the goalkeeper ? Liu Tao .

Q2:Why ? Because it’s his ball .


Everyone wants to be the goalkeeper

F Mike is 165 centimetres(厘米). T


1.I’m_____( tall ) than David. 2.Who’s _____ (young), you or your brother? 3.Which is _____( long), the Chang Jiang River or the Yellow River . 4.David’s bag is ______(heavy) than ______( I ). 5.Mike is as ______(old) as his good friend .

? ? ? ? ?

1.抄写十个词并默写。 2.仿照C部分,造两组对话。 3. 跟磁带读A部分课文三遍,背诵第二段。 4. 熟读CDE部分。 5.预习FGH部分。

classmate 同班同学 minute 分钟 than 比 glad 高兴的 yours or mine 你的还是我的 meet —— met 遇见 go —— went 去 have —— had 有 sit —— sat 坐 heavy (重的)—— heavier (更重的)

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