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Unit 4 What Can You Do ? A Let’s Learn

I’m helpful. What can you do ? I can water the flowers .

water, water, water the flowers. I can water the flowers.


peach I’m helpful.

I can clean the bedroom .

I’m helpful. I can sweep the floor .

I’m helpful.

I can empty the trash .

Sweep, sweep, sweep the floor. Clean, clean, clean the bedroom. Empty, empty, empty the trash. Water, water, water the flowers. I’m, I’m, I’m helpful.

book I’m helpful.


I can cook the meals .

Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks.

______ water the flowers

_____ empty the trash

clean the __________ bedroom

______ cook the meals

sweep the _______ floor

A: What can you do?

B: I can …(用empty the trash ,cook the meals, water the flowers, sweep the floor, clean the bedroom回答)

Dog, dog, what can you do? I can run after you. Panda, panda, what can you do? I can eat so much bamboo. Mouse, mouse, what can you do? I can hide in the shoe. Mike, Mike, what can you do? I can draw animals in the zoo!

1.Copy the new phrases in P46 for 4 times. Each phrases for two lines! 抄写learn短语每个两行,一行2个 2.Finish the exercise in P35-38; 完成练习册Let’s learn部分所有练习。

3.Repect the words in P46 for 5 times

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