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G4 U1 a let's spell

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Unit 1 My School
A Let’s spell

绿色圃中小学教育网 http://www.lspjy.com

Excuse me. Where’s _____________?

Hi. Is this_____________?

No, _____. the teachers’ office is ________ the library.

It’s on______________
Hi, Miss White! Here’s ___________ OK.Thanks.

Thank you,Mike. Bye, Miss White.

playground 1操场__ _____ football 2.足球_____________

garden 3.花园____ ____
where 4.哪里_ __ 第一 5.first_________ 6. next to 挨着 .

study kitchen bed living room room

first floor second floor

study bedroom --Where's the____________ ? the second first floor floor --It’s bedroom on the____________.

--Is it next to the ____________? kitchen --Yes,it is/ No, it isn't

a a

[? ] [? ]


a-e a-e [ei] [ei] name

big i [i] [i] i-e i-e [ai] [ai] kite i

o o [?] [?]


o-e o-e nose

I’m hungry!

A hungry tiger on the computer.

I’m hungry!

Tiger tiger, have some water. er er Tiger tiger, this is my sister.

er She likes hanburger.

Dinner for you. Dinner for me.


Sister,sister. Can you see?

A hungry tiger on the TV. Tiger,tiger. Can you see? Dinner for you. Dinner for me.

g ch n s v th m b d k f t l

/?/ er

No water near the computer.

Read, underline and say

1. sister ruler under number
2. computer eraser dinner winter 3. under after water river

Look, listen and write




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