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六年级下册 形容词比较级练习

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warm small new tall short old strong high young long clean cold fat hot thin big

easy heavy early happy pretty funny busy


1.The black dog is (thin) than the white dog.

2.This balloon is (big) than yours.

3.My bag is (heavy) than yours.

4.John is (strong) than Mike.

5. I am (short) than Lucy.

6. My school is , but Tom’s school is than mine. (small)

7. Rabbits can run , but tigers can run than rabbits. (fast)

8.A pig is , but an elephant is than pig. (heavy)

9. I’m , but she is _____ __ than me. (tall)

10. Every day is _______. But today is the ______ day I have ever had. (busy)

11. Your school is so (big). Ours is much . (small).

12. It gets and in spring.(warm)

13. The Little Water Drop gets and . (high)

14. Whose pencil-box is (big),yours or hers?

15. Who is (thin),you or Helen?

16. Which is (heavy),the elephant or the pig?

17. Who gets up (early),Tim or Tom?

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