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SBS1B 作业10

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班号:SB1M62 DATE:2013/11/23 TIME:18:30-20:30 课次:10th 句型改写技巧:


1. We are reading our books.

2. They can type very fast.

3. There is an apple on the table.

4. She goes to work at 9 o’clock.

5. My father likes to read.

6. We never use tools on Sunday.

7. My children sometimes play football at weekends.

8. I will go to the park with you.

9. Peter fixes teeth every week.

10. They are eating their eggs.


1. We like dancing on Monday.

2. They usually ride at weekends.

3. She eats a bowl of noodles for her breakfast.

4. There is a bird on the tree.

5. My sister is a nurse.


1. She is a teacher. (问职业用什么特殊疑问词呢)

2. She is reading a book.

3. She likes to dance. (第2题和第3题有什么区别呢)

4. Linda is my mother.

5. I live in China.

6. He goes to school by bus.

7. I like Japanese food.

8. I am hot.

9. My favorite color is red.

10.He gets up at 9 o’clock.


1. He like run.

2. Are you me sister?

3. Do she usually eats apples?

4. She’s name is Mary.

5. We are look newspaper.

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