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小学六年级英语上册期末练习卷 一、默写26个字母:





I'm ( 完全形式 )_________ are not ( 缩写式 )___________

They aye ( 缩写式 )_________ You're ( 完全形式 )_________ u ( 同音词 )___________ to ( 同音词 )____________


1.Good morning, Mrs wang .

Good morning , ______

A.Li ming. B.hello,Li Ming. C.LiMing. D.Li Ming.

2.You_____LiLy , right ?

No , I'm Millie

A.is. B.am. C.are. D.are not.

10.______some apples and pear in the desk

A.there is. B.have C.has. D.there are

11.You are beautiful.______

A.Yes. I am. B.Thank you.

C.No. I am not D.You are beautiful,too.

12.How many Classrooms______there in your School?

There are twenty

A.is. B.twenty. C.are. D.are not

13.Is there an art(美术) room in your school?

A.Yes.there B.Yes.there not. C.No.there isn't D.No.there is.

14.Where is the bird ?

It's______the tree

A. in. B.on. C.at. D.from

15.How are you ?______

A. How are you B.Thank you C.I'm fine. D.Good morning


1.she is Nick's twin sister

2.This is spotty

3.We are s tudents

4.Nick and Lily are good friends

5.He is a polileman


1.are you. how

2.it. Please. spell

3.please. dow. sit.

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

4.what is in English. this.


what's your name Yes.I am

what's this My name is Millie

Are you Li Ming It is apple

Is this your classroom? Yes.it is

How mang boys and girlsare there There are twenty

in the park?

3.What's______name ? My name is Lily

A.you. B.Your. C.his. D.she.

4.How is your mum?______

A.I'm fine. B.she is fine C.Yes.she is D.Thank you.

5.Is this your brother ?_______

A.Yes.it is. B.Yes.this is. C.No.it is. D.Yes.it isn't

6.What's it ?______

A.It's a photo. B.she it doctor. C.this is photoo D.she is.

7.What is______father ?

A.I . B.my. C.you D.his

8.Are you a girl ?

A.Yes.I am. B.No I am. C.Yes.you are. D.No.you aren't

9.Mum and Lily______ a pretty dog

A.have. B.has. C.There is. D.There are

资料来源:中国教育在线 http://www.eol.cn/

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