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上海牛津英语 6B Unit 2 At the airport Exercise One

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Unit 2 At the airport

Exercise one

I. Fill in the blanks with the proper words. (选词填空)

1. My parents are planning ___________ to Tokyo this summer. (going, to go)

2. She will buy some silk ____________ as presents for her friends. (scarf/scarves)

3. Have you got ______________ for everyone at the party? (enough apples/apples enough)

4. They arrived ______________ the station before the train left. (at, in)

5. Mrs. Wang has taught in this school ___________ ten years. (in/for)

6. We have already __________ our suitcases. (pack, packed)

II. 用所给动词的现在完成时填空。

1. Mrs Wang and Grandma _______ _______ to Beijing before. (be)

2. _______ you _______ enough money to buy the computer? (get)

3. They _______ _______ in Los Angeles for 5 years. (live)

4. Mrs. Li _______ _______ her suitcase yet. (not pack)

5. They ______ _______ some presents for Aunt Wendy and Uncle Tom. (buy)

6. How many cakes _______ your mum _______ for the party? (make)

7. He _______ _______ the watch for about 40 years. (have)

8. My father _______ _______ in the factory for 25 years. (work)

III. Choose the best answer. (选择最佳答案)

( ) 1. Have you _______ a birthday present for your mother?

A. bought B. buying C. buy D. buys

( ) 2. --- Have you returned the book to the library _______?

--- Yes, I have _______ returned it.

A. yet; yet B. already; already

C. already; yet D. yet; already

( ) 3. I’ve never been out of China _______. What about you?

A. already B. over C. before D. just

( ) 4. My son _______ up yet because he _______ to bed late last night.

A. hasn’t got; has gone B. didn’t get; went

C. doesn’t get; went D. hasn’t got; went

( ) 5. There are many people in the room. We don’t have _______ to stand in.

A. enough space B. enough spaces

C. spaces enough D. many space

( ) 6. Tony and his friends plan _______ a barbecue at weekends.

A. to have B. have C. has D. had

( ) 7. We can get _______ information on the Internet.

A. a lot of B. a lot C. many D. a few

IV. Rewrite the following sentences as required. (按要求改写下列各句)

1. Peter has bought a new bicycle. (改为一般疑问句)

_______ Peter _______ a new bicycle?

2. Wendy has put a hat in the suitcase. (改为否定句)

Wendy _______ _______ a hat in the suitcase.

3. 划线提问)

_______ _______ has Mr. Smith played football?

4. She goes running for half an hour. (保持句意)

It takes _______ half an hour _______ _______ running.

5. I have written down some new words. (改为否定句)

I _______ written down _______ new words.

6. We have already visited the Disney Park in the USA. (改为一般疑问句) _______ you visited the Disney Park in the USA _______?

7. 划线提问) _______ _______ does it take to travel to the airport?

8. 划线提问)

_______ _______ are they going to leave home?

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