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外研社六年级英语下册Module3 Unit1 The sun is_shining PPT课件(外研版)

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Read and answer:
? 1.Did Daming have a funny day
on Saturday?

Yes,he did. ? 2.What did they do? They had a picnic. ? 3.What is he doing? He is sending some photos.

Read and answer: 1.What are the birds doing? The birds are singing in the tree. 2.What are they doing?

In the tree

On the tree

3.What's the weather like? 4.Where are they?

5.What are the ducks doing?

The bird is singing .

The ducks are swimming.

? ? ? ? ? ? 1.The bird___singing in the trees. A. is B. am C. are 2.I'm____some photos. A. send B. sending C. sendding 3.The ducks___our picnic. A. is eating B. are eating C. eating

Describe the pictures:

Retell the text

? The sun: ? The birds: ? We : ? The ducks:

It: We:

The ducks:

? Words: shine everyone ? Sentences: The sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. The ducks are eating our picnic. ? Grammar: is/am/are+ing

? 1.Read the text fluently. ? 2.Please draw two pictures at home then describe them.

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