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( ) 1. What_________ Amy_________ last weekend ?

A. did, do B. do, do C. does, do

( ) 2. We __________________have a football match tomorrow.

A. are going B. are go to C. are going to

( ) 3. I failed my English test. I am ________________.

A. happy B. sad C. excited.

( ) 4. --How____________ you feeling? --I’m feeling better.

A. am B. are C. do

( ) 5. It’s time _________ school.

A. to B. for C. at

( )6. The doctor told me to eat more ________ because it's good for my health.

A. orange B. vegetable C. ice cream D. fish

( )7. Well, would you like _____ to drink?

A. some thing B. anything C. some things D. something

( )8. Monday is _______ day of a week.

A.the first B.the two C.the second D.one

( )9. --_________________is it ? --It’s Tuesday.

A. What day B. What colour C. What date

( )10. It's nine o'clock. I must ______.

A. go home B. go to home C. to go home D. go the home 二,根据句意和首字母填适当的单词,使句意完整、正确。

1) It’now. Everything begins to grow.

in all of the subjects.

3) Eating more v__________ is good for your health.

day of the week.

5) It’heavily. We’d better stay at home.


1, Young ____ (read) are very crazy about Guo Jinming's books.

2, My brother (not like) salad for breakfast.

3, We visit the Old People's Home ______(two) a month.

4, It’s too hot today.What about ( swim ) in the river?

5, Would you like ___________ (go) to a movie in the evening?

6, The ___________ (child) are doing their homework.

7, My mother often ____________ (play) the piano in her free time.

8, Jay Chou is one of the best ____________ (sing).

9.He brushes his_______(tooth) every day.

(they) to your room.


A:What’s the today, Jim?

B:It’s the 16th of March.

A:The 16th of March.? Oh, my birthday is soon.

B:is your birthday?

A:It’s March the 18th . Would you like to come to my birthday party? B:Sure, where you have your birthday party?


1. light (反义词)_________ 2. buy (过去式)_________

3. one(序数词)_____ 4. the second day in a week(同义词)_________

5. knife (复数)_________ 6. Japan (形容词)_________

7. let’s (完全形式)________ 8. four(同音词)___________

9. us (主格)__________ 10. cannot (缩略形式)_________


One day Bob took two of his friends into the mountains. They put up their tents (帐篷) and then went to a forest to see how the trees were growing. In the afternoon when they were about ten kilometers from their camp(营地), it started to snow. Soon Bob could hardly see his hands before his face. He could not find the road. Bob knew there were two roads. One road went to the camp, and the other went to his house. But all was white snow. How could he take his friends back to the camp? Bob had an idea. The horses! Let the horses take them back! But what would happen if the horses took the road to his house? That would be a trip of thirty-five kilometers in such cold weather!

It was getting late. They rode on and on. At last the horses stopped. Where were they? John looked around. What was that under the tree? It was one of their tents!

1. Bob and two of his friends went to a _________ to see how the trees were growing.

2. It’s hard for Bob to see his _________ before his face in the afternoon.

3. Bob could not find the two roads, because all was __________ snow.

4. There were ________ roads ,so they didn’t know which one to go.

5. It is was ____________ kilometers from the forest to Bob’s house.

6. At last, they stopped in front of _________.

7. The __________ took them back to the camp.


1. 学习努力,平时爱看书,有时上网

2. 身体健康,每周做运动,每天步行去学校

3. 喜欢吃不同种类的水果和蔬菜


提示词:上网surf the internet.

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