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1.Tom often has a special meal on Thanksgiving Day. ( )

2.They can dance on Flag Day. ( )

3.They are going to watch TV tomorrow . ( )

4.They are singing and eating . ( )

5.Christmas is Amy’s favouite festival. ( )


1. Thanksgiving is my favourite ________(节日)

2. We carry ________(国旗) and we sing _________(歌曲)。

3. We always have a _________(特别的) meal. It’s a big ________(家庭) dinner.

4. My mother makes _______________(月饼) on Mid-Autumn Festival.

5. All Chinese eat jiaozi at _________________________(春节).

6. That _________(听起来) great.

7. I love Dragon Boat Festival. We all go to see the Dragon Boat ____(比赛)

8. Can you _______ (告诉) me more about American Festivals.

三、 词组翻译。

1.国旗日__________ 2. 最喜欢的节日___________ 3. 家庭聚散_____________

4. Mid-Autumn Festival__________5. 唱歌_______ 6. 吃一顿特别的饭_________

7. 谢谢____________ 8. 在电视上___________9.元宵节____________


( )1.We carry flags and we sing songs ____ Flay Day.

A. in B. at C. on D. from

( )2.—How about going swimming after class? -----That_____great

A. sounds B. look C. likes D. listens

( )3. we often watch a big football game ___ TV after dinner ____ Sunday.

A. on ,on B. at , on C. in , on D. from , to

( )4. Can you tell me _____ Chinese festivals?

A. many about B. more in C. many in D. more about

( )5. ____ is also called ____.

A. American , the USA B. America , the USA

C. American , USA D. America , USA

( )6. We all go to _____the Dragon Boat race .

A. see B. seeing C. look at D.looking at

( )7. Please give the story book____the boy____England

A. to , from B. on , from C. at, on from , to

( )8. My hobby is ____ . A. read B. look C. reading D. looking ( )9. Have you got ____ kites ? A. a B. an C. some D. any ( )10. She buys a book for _____ A. me B. I C. my D. mine 1

( )11. He ______ presents to the children A. give B. giving C .gives ( )12. ____ dinner, we watch TV together A. For B. After C. On D. From ( )13. What ___ Daming ___ at Chirstmas. A. does; does B. do; do C. does; do ( )14. Moon cakes are my ______food. A. favourite B. love C. like ( )15. ______ Thanksgiving Day, we say “thank you” ____ our food.

A. At; on B. On, from C. On, for D. At, for

五 、读一读,把正确答案连起来(5分)

1.What`s the capital of England? A. yes , of course

2. Who is shorter than Jim? B. Ben is

3. What`s your favourite festival? C. London

4. Can I ask you some questions? D. Thanksgiving Day

5.What do you like doing? E. Singing and dancing


1. _______(our) have an English class this afternoon.

2. Can ______(your) tell me more about American Festivals?

3. _____(me ) love Dragon Boat Festival.

4. This is ______( she) stamp. Please give it to ______(she)

5. That book isn’t ______(my). ______(my) dress is red.

6. Dragon Boat Festival is _____ (he) favourite festival.

7. ______ (them) give presents to the children.

8. What do _____( yours) do on Thanksgiving Day.


A. has got B.have got C.there are D.there is


a lovely dog.

some photos.

5.The desk four legs.


1. festival , Thanksgiving , is , favourite , my ( . )


2. do , on , Thanksgiving , you , what , Day , do ( ? )


3. game , We , a , big , watch , football , TV , on ( . )


4. can , tell , you , me , about , more , festival , American ( ? )


5. men , they , famous , women , are , and ( . )



八 、 阅读理解 (10分)

The first Dragon Boat Festival was held(举行)in Hunan. Every year, people always have a dragon boat match. The dragon boat is quite long. There are pictures of dragons on each side. The front of the boat is like the head of a dragon. Each team(队)of the match has twenty members. Beside them there is a man on the boat. He beats a drum(敲鼓). It’s an exciting match, especially(特别是)when they are getting the end. The audience(观众)beside the lake shout for their favourite teams. From this match, we have the name of the festival---Dragon Boat Festival. This special(特殊的)festival has another(另一个)name---Duanwu Festival. It has a story. The story is about a poet called Qu Yuan.

( ) 1. What’s the name of this festival? It’s called __________

A. Chinese New Year B. the Mid-Autumn Festival

C. Dragon Boat Festival D. Halloween

( ) 2. The name of the Dragon Boat Festival comes from _______ .

A. the dragon boat match in Henan B. the dragon boat match in Hunan

C. the boat like a dragon in Sichuan D. the dragon flying in the sky

( ) 3. In the match, there is always a man on the boat to

. A. shout for them B. help them boat

C. carry a dragon for them D. beat a drum for them

( ) 4. The story of Duanwu Festival is about .

A. a poet called Qu Yuan B. a poet called Li Bai

C. a poet called Du Fu D. a poet called Bai Juyi

( ) 5. On that day, people eat .

A. pumpkins B. moon cakes C. rice dumplings D. candies


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